Host a FREE House Party: Play On With Playstation

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Have you signed up for any House Parties lately?  Checkout this awesomely cool party that will have you partying into the new year with Playstation.  

Signup for the Play On With Playstation House Party scheduled for August 2010 to January 2011. 

  • A chance to host up to three actual House Parties at your home — kicking off late summer — where you and your lucky guests will get treated to play it first with PlayStation® Move and other exciting PlayStation® experiences.
  • Stuffed to the gills party packs including the brand new PlayStation® Move motion controller bundle and awesome new games: Sports Champions, The Shoot, Start the Party and more!
  • Step up your playtime for the next 6 months and get rewarded within the House Party online community — your smack talk and know-how will give you a chance to win special offers, sneak peeks and more.
  • If selected as a host, you'll receive a FREE party pack of fun stuff for everyone.

    • 2 PlayStation® Move motion controllers + PS Eye Camera
    • Three brand new games that use PlayStation® Move
    • Plus everything you need for your perfect PlayStation® House Party!

    What is House Party all about?  Word of mouth!  House Party sends you lots of free stuff (for you & your friends) so that you and your friends can have a party!  It’s a great marketing technique for companies to let their customers do their advertising for them. 

    What do I have to do if I’m picked?  All that they ask in return is that you have an awesome party and upload pictures of it to the House Party website.  You and your guests will also be asked to answer a couple of survey questions to provide to the company who sponsored your party.  That’s it!

    I’ll try to keep you updated on the latest House Parties as they become available to apply for.  In the meantime, go here to see previous House Parties that I mentioned or checkout the House Party website.


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      I won!!!!!!!!!!!!

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