McDonald’s Shrek Drinking Glasses Recall

Friday, June 04, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


I wanted to bring light to a recall of the McDonald’s Shrek glasses.

McDonald’s is recalling 12 Million Shrek Forever After 3D collectible drinking glasses which had paint that contained the toxic metal Cadmium.  Read more details at the CPSC website.

While this isn’t a laughing matter, my first thought when I heard about this recall was “How many people lick the outside of their glasses?”  But, after hearing further details, your hands would be exposed to the paint, which may not be washed properly after handling the glasses.  OK, that makes sense.

I recently hosted a McDonald’s & Shrek End Of School Bash House Party and while this recall was not known at the time of the party I was pleased to see that House Party Inc is in touch with McDonald’s working on getting further details.

Thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up on this recall!


  1. singedwingangel said...

    I heard it this morning, ifthey hold onto them until June 9 they will have replacements for them made without that chemical..and have to replace

  2. Kathryn K said...

    One example. If you fill your glass too full, say with ice cream & milk, go to stir it, it overflows, and what next---you lick the side drip up with your tongue. Yes many of us will lick the side of our glass.

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