Freebie: Information about Getting a Scooter or PowerChair

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


I have to chuckle at this because I think If my Granny only knew she could get free information on this…

Right now, you can signup with two sources to “Regain Your Mobility”:

My granny is in her 70’s, treks up a flight of stairs in her two story house daily, walks at least a mile outside up & down the fields every day and asked her doctor for a scooter.  Um, what? 

See, my Granny has a sense of humor and the last time I had her at the doctor he asked about her mobility.  Ha!  My Granny is about as mobile as I am and she responds by telling him that she thinks she needs a scooter!

Um, I almost fell out of my seat at this point until she followed up telling him about how she really didn’t need one and was just keeping him on his toes.


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