Gevalia: Get a Free Coffeemaker & Travel Mug

Friday, July 16, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

In the market for a new coffeemaker?  Have you heard about the Gevalia deal before?  Here’s a funny story that I’ve shared before about getting one of these for my mother.


Here’s how to work the deal and score a free coffeemaker & travel mug :

  • Choose the FREE Stainless Steel Coffeemaker accent color of your choice – black or white - from their website.  And their 14-oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug.
  • Choose up to four boxes of Gevalia coffees you’d like to try. Yum, yum, yummy.
  • Crack open the delivery box as soon as it arrives and give it a whirl!
    You might want to also checkout their clearance section.  I saw alot of good deals listed there too!

Fine Print: Should you not wish to make any additional purchases after your Trial Delivery simply call 1-800-GEVALIA (1-800-438-2542) toll free, 24 hours, 7days.  I did this for my mom and they cancelled with very few questions at all.

So here’s the coffeepot conversation I just had with my mother recently:

MOM: “If you’re going to town keep an eye out for any clearance deals on coffeepots for me, would ya?”
ME: “Clearance?” "Why? Something wrong with yours?”
MOM: “Yeah, water leaks out of it all over the counter and I have to stand there while it’s brewing to be able to wipe it up.”
ME:  “Sounds like you need to forgo the clearance and get one now…or quit making coffee one.”
MOM: “Yeah right!  I did find one for about $35 but I'd rather wait a little bit and find one cheaper.”
ME: “OH.  I remember a Gevalia deal to get one for about $20 if you order it online.”
MOM: “What color is it?”
ME: “Huh? Stainless steel, I think.”
MOM: “Well, it has to be white or I’d rather just buy the one that I saw already.”
ME: <eye roll> a begging deal chooser watching for clearance specials has to be picky, go figure.

Thank goodness they have a Black or White Stainless Steel version or my Momma would be spending double for a new coffeemaker without the four added boxes of coffee & Free Travel Mug. 

Have you ordered your FREE coffeemaker yet?  Click on over to check it out.


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