Little Looster: Booster for the Loo Review & Giveaway

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


The Little Looster recently contacted me about their new product and while all of my kiddos are beyond the potty training stage I jumped at the opportunity for my friend who was just starting this phase with her little man and she obliged for the purposes of this review.

All children will eventually use the “big-potty” so WHY not start kids out on it comfortably? I mean seriously, what’s comforting about being told to sit on a big bowl full of water?  Toddlers think they might “fall-in” so why not give them the security and confidence that the stability of the Little Looster provides. 

Little Looster kids use their legs for support, alleviating that fear of falling in.  Hands no longer need to grip the germ-ridden, inner rim.   Plus, you can save the extra expense and mess that comes with the space-consuming porta-potty.

imageWhat is a Little Looster?

The Little Looster - Booster for the Loo is a horseshoe shaped stool that surrounds the base of your toilet, creating a pedestal for children to be supported while they sit on the loo.  We can all say goodbye to the port-a-potty, toilet seat inserts, diapers, stress, apprehension, accidents and the lack of space in our bathrooms.

How does the Little Looster work?

The Little Looster supports and boosts little legs, while potty training AND for the next 2-3 years that toes can’t reach the ground.   No more “stinging” sensation when legs fall-asleep, from dangling unsupported off the sides of the toilet - little legs love the Little Looster. 

What are some of the benefits of the Little Looster? 

Parents don’t move the Little Looster every time they need to use the loo.  Our unique design allows adults full use of the toilet while standing or sitting, without ever moving the Little Looster.

The average family in the US is spending approximately $75/mo on disposable diapers & wipes and over 92% of those are ending up in our landfills.  No one really knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, it is estimated somewhere between 250-500 years.  The statistics are staggering as I'm sure you are all well aware of.  The Little Looster is made of plastic which is 100% recyclable after your many years of use.

So what did I think?

When I received the box in the mail that contained the Little Looster I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint.  The Little Looster looked cool straight out of the box and I was ready to give it a whirl.  I have a rather small bathroom so even though I was worried that it might be big and bulky, it wasn’t.  It fit snuggly around my toilet seat just like it claimed and I hardly even noticed it at all when I sat down on the toilet.

What did my son think?

The Little Looster might have passed the test with me but, it would need to get the final stamp of approval from my son.  I showed him the new “potty step” and without any questions he stepped right up onto the Little Looster and plopped down on the toilet all by himself!  And that was it!  He loved it! 

The Little Looster is such a wonderful idea that adds joy and excitement to the potty training process.  For me there is no more having to bend down and pick him up and I can tell that my son is more confident about the whole process.  He is able to site his feet down and relax and I can concentrate on my child and the joy in his potty success instead of rushing off to clean out a messy training potty.

What about cleanup?

I was a little worried about how I was going to keep the Little Looster clean because of the raised grooves on it but it’s a cinch.  I just tossed it in the tub for a quick scrub and while I was drying it off I noticed the weight capacity is 200 lbs.  Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

The Little Looster has grips on the bottom to prevent it from sliding and always stays in place.  And, while it sits snuggly around the potty I have also been using it for other purposes in the bathroom as well.  Mommie uses it as a stool for reaching in the top of the bathroom cabinet and as a stool at the sink for when my son is brushing teeth.

The Little Looster is the best thing yet for potty training & I love that I can get so many other uses out of it too!

How do I buy one?

The Little Looster is available for $39.99 through their main website here –

So, how about a giveaway?

Sure!  Little Looster is offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win one of these awesome potty inventions.  The giveaway will run through August 7th so, let’s get started…

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Disclaimer:  The opinions & thoughts expressed in this post are from my friend Mel.  Little Looster provided her with their product in exchange for an honest review.  We received no other compensation for the review. 


  1. Sarah M. said...

    Well, my first child is only 9 months old so I don't have any experience with potty training. However, based on stories I've heard, it's probably best to jump right into potty training by putting big girl or big boy underwear on.

  2. Sarah M. said...

    I am a Google Reader subscriber. :-)

  3. Sarah M. said...

    I'm a "Coupon Mommie" follower.

  4. Beth said...

    I am just starting potty training with my daughter, but so far it has been helpful to have some fun books and DVDs about potty training to get her interested.

  5. ~ The Mitchell's ~ said...

    I am working on training my 19 month old, so I really don't have any advice, but I have heard to get a progress chart & stickers, so he/she can track her progress. This way, she will have something to look forward to after she accomplishes the task. I have also been told to give "rewards" every time they go potty. For instance, a couple of M&Ms or a nickle.

  6. ~ The Mitchell's ~ said...

    I follow your blog!

  7. Melissa said...

    My son is almost 3 and we are still working on it. I think something that helps to keep them from being afraid is to show them you using the potty and to have them start to sit on it at an early age. The more they do it the less afraid of the potty they actually going in the potty is a whole other story that we are still working on.

    giveawaymommy at yahoo dotcom

  8. tsdixon said...

    I am a subscriber.

  9. tsdixon said...

    I love your Blog!

  10. Anonymous said...

    Don't PUSH it, let it go and come back to it later.

  11. Anonymous said...

    My best advice for potty training would have to be : lots of patience!!

    I am currently potty training my son and that is what has helped me. Patience.

    I would love to win this it would come in handy!!

    xxxprettyvacantxxx at yahoo dot com

  12. Amanda31Gifts said...

    My best potty training tip is try-try-try again! And consistency is important - keep visiting the bathroom at the same times, (first thing when you get up, right before lunch.. etc!) Thanks for the great giveaway! Amanda
    amanda31gifts (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. bcbmommie said...

    i follow you through google

  14. bcbmommie said...

    i always take my boys to potty as soon as they wake up in the morning or naptime. they always pee, and i make a huge fuss for them going in the potty and act like its the best thing they have ever done each time. they really get excited about that.

  15. Sarah said...

    I got my little guy trained in about a month, and he's been accident free now for about 4 months. What worked for us, was actually the Go Potty Go DVD. It had songs, and really made him want to go so he could sing the songs. The other thing, was Wiggles stickers on a train chart, I'd give him several each time he went, even if it was just a few drops. Also, the first time was the hardest, and longest. One morning we sat in the bathroom for 45 minutes but then, he went, and next morning only took 10, then the next, 5, etc. He's almost 3, and managed a lot better than I would have dreamed, btu daddy just showed him he can stand, and he doesn't remember to move the stool over, so there's a mess for me to clean up. I hope I win, because this would be so great for him, and I could stop lifting him onto the seat when he's got to do his other business.

  16. Ingrid said...

    My best tip is to not rush it and be patient!
    lifwithjding at gmail dot com

  17. Our Little Group said...

    I have always heard that putting fruit loops in the toilet would be good for making the boys want to "aim" at them.

    couponinggirl at gmail dot com

  18. Our Little Group said...

    I subscribe to your emails
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  21. Our Little Group said...

    I follow Looster momma on Twitter

    couponinggirl at gmail dot com

  22. dctm said...

    My best tip is to be patient and persistent!

    Christie C
    dctm at bellsouth dot net

  23. Darth Mama said...

    About to start training our 2 year old -- best tip is not to stop once you start! Don't go backwards back to diapers. jfsarma at gmail dot com

  24. Anonymous said...

    My best tip is to always praise and encourage them. I love the sticker chart system too.

    sweetone62406 at

  25. Anonymous said...

    I follow you on twitter @sweetone624

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  28. Anonymous said...

    My best tip is to just do it, and yes, there will be accidents. If you have a few day where you are just home thats best, and then when you start to venture out make sure to bring extra cloths !
    inirac31 at

  29. Maney said...

    My best tip for potty training is to take it slow and don't pressure the child. It can be a trying process for both parent and child, but who wants to traumatize a kid simply to get them potty trained? When my daughter was training we took it slow-- every time she tried to use the potty (as in actually tried-- not just 10 seconds of sitting) she received a very small reward, such as 1 M&M. Then, the first time that she actually used the potty I had a bigger reward ready, such as a new book. It made it a pleasant, unpressured process.

    maney.gale at garrettcollege dot edu

  30. Michelle said...

    I haven't potty trained yet (just starting into my parenting years) but I would say the best thing to do is to wait until the child is ready rather than force them too early.

  31. Michelle said...

    I'm a follower

  32. tristatecruisers said...

    Take your time with that--the more your push it--the longer it seems to take :)

    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  33. tristatecruisers said...

    follow via GFC :)

    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

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    subscribe via e-mail :)

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  35. Laura said...

    My best potty training tip? Bribery. I've potty trained four boys, including my two year old, who has just gotten the hang of it. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so after he went potty the first time, he got a train. Then after he went 20 times, he got another. Then 50 times. Now he's got it! Different things worked for each boy, but they all colored in a star after they went potty to show their progress towards a prize.

  36. Beckee said...

    I have 4 kids, 3 are potty trained, My best advice is to wait until they are ready adn no matter how much it sucks-don;t give up and be consistant.
    beckeesdeals at gmail dot com

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    I subscribe to your emails now.
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