Pros and Cons to the Ways You Can Acquire Coupons

Friday, July 09, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

The following is a guest post from Kelly at Adventures in Momville.

In the world of a couponer, $4/week for 2 Sunday papers is an investment, even if we don’t read the paper!  Even so, we are always on the look out to get them cheaper.  Purchasing coupons is ILLEGAL!  However, we all technically do it!  Whether we buy a Sunday paper or pay a coupon clipping service, what is the most cost efficient way of acquiring the coupons we want/need?

  • Get the Sunday paper!  Did you know if you miss the paper on Sunday, you can usually get it on Monday!  It isn’t any cheaper, but you can!  Check the bottom of the stack if you don’t see them.  I would say the earlier in the morning you go, the better your chances of finding them will be. I found it to be more expensive to have the paper delivered but you can go to Discounted Newspapers to get a quote on your local paper.

Cost for 1 month of 2 papers per week:  $16.  More if you have it delivered.

Pros:  Get your coupons immediately.  Get to browse all the sales ads.

Cons:  Be sure to check and make sure all of your inserts are there if you buy it in the store!  If you have it delivered, chances of getting the additional papers isn’t good in my experience. 

  • Order whole inserts.  The service I use is Capri’s Coupons.  You have to order your inserts in lots of 5, but it ends up averaging to about the same price as purchasing 2 papers, but you get 5!  She is prompt, too – mails them by Tuesday and I have them by Friday.  I tried this method for about 3 months. I have ordered them this way, once/month to save on shipping. 

Cost for 1 month of 5 of each of the inserts:  I averaged $4.90/week for 5 of each insert.  ($29.51 for 7 weeks/12 inserts, 5 weeks/8 inserts for $29.30)  Here is what she lists as pricing on her blog: 

One Lot of 5 = $5.22
Two Lots of 5 = $9.55
Three Lots of 5 = $11.85
Four Lots of 5 = $14.15

Pros:  To me, 5 copies of any coupon is PLENTY!!!  If there is a really good deal, you don’t have to order any additional coupons.  Especially nice if you don’t get all of the coupons available in your local papers. 

Cons:  You don’t get your coupons until the latter part of the week and have lots of clipping to do!  Shipping costs can add up!

  • Order individual coupons. This is surprisingly my favorite way of acquiring coupons! Ebay is nice if you want at least 10 of the same coupon.  But I have had great experiences recently with The Coupon Clippers.  You can order just how many you want with a very small administration fee ($0.50).  I ordered them on Monday and received them on Thursday.   You can also try Rebecca’s Coupons and Forms which is a Knoxville, TN local.

Cost for 1 month worth of ONLY the coupons you need:  In one month, I placed 2 orders and paid $8.83.  (They were a $37 value for $4.04 (13 coupons) and a $27 value for $4.79 (31 coupons).) 

Pros:  NO ORGANIZING!!!  Get the envelope out of the mailbox, print a few Internet printables, and hit the stores! 

Cons:  You HAVE to order on or before Monday in order to get the coupons you need for that week!  Another downside is that the really hot coupons go fast!  (i.e.  $2/1 Pampers Wipes).  And you do have to wait to do your shopping at the end of the week. 

  • Get them FREE!!!  Here are a few ways to possibly get them free.
    • Visit a recycling center on Monday afternoons.
    • Ask the sweet little lady at church for hers. (or any other newspaper subscribers you know)
    • Visit coffee shops and pick up any leftovers people have left behind. 
    • Make friends with the “paperboy”.  I once ran into the man that delivered the papers to the gas stations in Knoxville to area stores.  He offered to drop off all the extras for me on Monday!  For no reason…I did go back, but he hadn’t been by yet, and so I just didn’t go back. WHY, WHY, WHY didn’t I exchange phone numbers with him!  (surely my husband would have understood!  haha.  :) )

Cost:  $0

Pros: See cost.

Cons:  Lots of organizing!!!  And you have to rely on someone else, which can prove to be disappointing.  You never know what you’re going to get!!!  You may have to do alot of chasing these down, which is especially difficult with children in tow!

As with most aspects of couponing, you have to find what works for you! 

How do you acquire your coupons?


Kelly is a wife and mother of a precious 1 year old boy with baby #2 on the way.  Kelly is a Special Education teacher by trade turned stay at home mom.  She blogs at Adventures in Momville and enjoys sharing information about household management from couponing, cooking and more!


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