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Thursday, July 15, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

  Weekly Cinema  

Given how expensive movie tickets are and the price of the concession stands I have to say that they are a special treat for my kiddos.  In truth, the last movie that one of my kids saw was on a field trip from school to see the new Ocean movie.  Before that, uh, I couldn’t tell you.  I think it was a drive in about a year ago.  Ah!

But, if your family enjoys going to the theater often then you might want to signup for The Weekly Cinema Movie Club and you’ll receive One Free Movie Ticket and 3 Movie Tickets every month for only $14.99. 

That works out to at least a savings of 60%.  Plus, get a friend to join and you’ll both get more free tickets.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi there, I wanted to share this Q & A I have with weekly cinema since they don't have much info on thier site. Now you get up to a $14.99 value in ticket redeption but the acutal monthly cost is $15.99. Now when you sign up they charge you $0.15 for your free ticket.

    15:12] meeboguest212029: Hi there
    [15:13] meeboguest212029: I have a question
    [15:13] weeklycinema: Hi
    [15:13] weeklycinema: sure
    [15:14] meeboguest212029: I was under the impression that when I subscribed to this service I would be getting 3 tickets a month and 1 for free? but I just bought 2 tickets to discpicable me and it only took off the price of 1 ticket at $8.75. I'm assuming I didn't understand the deal so can you please explain
    weeklycinema: Ok what happens is
    weeklycinema: When signup
    meeboguest212029: ok
    weeklycinema: there is free trail for three days
    weeklycinema: during those day you get one free ticket
    weeklycinema: after three you will be charged
    weeklycinema: and you get your remaining three tickets
    weeklycinema: once you have the codes from us
    weeklycinema: you go to fandango.com
    weeklycinema: and find the theater and pick the movie and timings
    weeklycinema: and enter our code to buy the tickets
    meeboguest212029: So I'll always get 3 codes a month?
    weeklycinema: yes
    meeboguest212029: will I have the chance to earn any free tickets after this intial free one is redeemed?
    weeklycinema: you just get one
    Laura from alabama: ok, so are the codes automatically sent to me through email?
    weeklycinema: you have to log in to get your codes
    Laura from alabama: gotcha and how long will this offer continue?
    weeklycinema: which offer?
    Laura from alabama: this special rate on the movie tickets? How long will you contine to charge my card?
    weeklycinema: its a monthly subscription
    weeklycinema: will continue as long as you want
    Laura from alabama: gotcha and what about this "get 2 free movie tickets for referring a friend. Do you have a special link they need to click on?
    weeklycinema: its one free ticket for each referral
    weeklycinema: you refer a friend
    weeklycinema: send is there information
    weeklycinema: and we will credit you
    Laura from alabama: ok so from where do I send you this information? do you have a referral page that I type thier information cause honestly I havent seen to much information on this deal at all so I'm sorta lost
    weeklycinema: I can answer all your questions here
    weeklycinema: you send us an email at
    weeklycinema: support@weeklycinema.cm
    Laura from alabama: ok so this is the only way to do it? you do not have a facebook link I can post on my profile. cause that's how I found out about yall
    weeklycinema: For now no
    weeklycinema: but we are working on it
    Laura from alabama: ok gotcha
    weeklycinema: do you have any more questions for me?
    Laura from alabama: yes, one more
    weeklycinema: sure
    Laura from alabama: lets just say in 2 months I want to cancel my subscrition and then in another 2 months can I start my subscription over?
    weeklycinema: yes you can
    weeklycinema: we can reactivate it
    Laura from alabama: ok, thanks huny
    Laura from alabama: hope you have a great day
    weeklycinema: you too
    weeklycinema: Thank you
    Laura from alabama: ya know what. I do have one other question. How many free tickets can I get for referring friends. Lets just say I get 20 of my friends to sign up, will I get 20 tickets?
    weeklycinema: as many friends you refer
    weeklycinema: but all of them have to pass through the trail period
    Laura from alabama: good to know, thanks again

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