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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


My best friend has a Kindle and she absolutely loves it.  I had actually contemplated buying one until I found out that my new Android phone has a Kindle app.  Sweet!

Now I’m loving all of the FREE books that I’m downloading from the Amazon Kindle store.  Here’s a couple of the free downloads you can get right now:

Don’t have a Kindle? Download a free Kindle application so you can read Kindle ebooks on your iPhone, your PC, your MAC, your Blackberry, your iPad, your Android or order a Kindle for yourself on Amazon now.


There are Oodles of FREE Kindle Books available at Amazon to choose from, you just have to have the book category sorted from lowest to highest price range.  Head on over to browse around all of the free Kindle downloads.

They also have new versions of the Kindle for as low as $139 which is great price when you consider all the FREE books that you can download after purchasing it!


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