Halloween, Christmas and Disney Stockings 75-80% off

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Bed time is always fun at my house.  The kids and I will sit in their bedroom and chat about things.  Random things. Mostly we talk about how their day at school went or what activity they want to do that weekend.

I enjoy our talks.  It’s interesting to hear the children talk about what’s important to them.  And helpful too.  However, our topics of late are quite premature.  Not only are we already discussing Halloween but they have already started a Christmas list.  Oie! 

Kids: Can we just focus on roller blading in the park this weekend?  I mean, Halloween is 9 weeks away and Christmas is even further away.

But, I digress.  We’ve been browsing the DisneyStore.com watching for deals to pop up and discovering different costumes for them to at least dress up in their dreams for the next nine weeks.  I happened to find this Woody costume at a garage sale so I’m hoping to talk the middle child into wearing it while I search for deals for the other two. 

  Cars Stocking at Disney Store Princess Stcoking at Disney Store Buzz Light Year Stocking at Disney Store  

And speaking of deals.  Here’s a Christmas deal to grab now and stock away.  Three of their Disney character stockings are priced as low as $3.99 down from their regular price of $24.50!  Just type Stocking in the search box.

I was excited to see this deal because all of the kids have plain stockings and I’m sure they would be excited to have these fun holiday stockings.   And they are all characters that my kids love. 

Cute, huh?

How many of you are already having to shop for Halloween costumes or write Christmas lists?


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