Vista Print: Everything for $0–Great Stocking Stuffers

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


I have received several items from Vista Print and I have never had a complaint.  You can customize their items anyway you like into some awesome gifts.  Think Christmas, birthdays and special occasions. 

With VistaPrint's Everything for $0 deal, you can get one of each item for free and just pay shipping for each item. If you're a new customer and spend $30 on additional items or add-ons, you get free shipping on the entire order.

So the best deal is to add all the free items you want, plus an additional photo calendar ($15.99), an additional photo mouse pad ($8), and another tote for $6.99 for a total of around $31 and you'll end up saving almost as much on shipping as you spend to get all the free items + the 3 extra items.

VistaPrint 10 Free Products[4]What can you expect to get?

  • Free Business Cards
  • Free Mouse Pad
  • Free Mug
  • Free Photo Flip Book
  • Free Photo Notebook
  • Free Photo Wall Calendar
  • Free Return Address Labels
  • Free Rubber Stamp
  • Free Sticky Notes
  • Free Tote

That's a bunch of stocking stuffers and little gifts for free, and if you spend the $30 to get free shipping, you'll end up with a couple more gifts for what you would have paid for shipping anyway! What an awesome deal!


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