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Saturday, October 16, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

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What kind of blog reader are you? Do you browse around when you have free time looking for new stuff? 

I have a group of blogs from various niches that I’m going to start spotlighting for you each week to help draw your eyes to some new content for very little effort.

Here’s a few of my favorite posts for this week:

Crystal and CompI told you this girl was one of my newest favorite bloggers and Crystal whipped up a fantabulous post this week for Halloween Witchy Fingers.  All I can say is Too Cute!  Seriously, I’ve already added the ingredients to my shopping list because the kids want to take them as a snack for their entire class at school.  They’ll either be the envy or the scare of their classmates but I think it will be a hit.

Coupon CookinNikki whipped up a cute batch of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies this week by experimenting in the kitchen with a cookie cutter.  This is such a cute idea and simple enough for even an inexperienced cook.  Ehem. I might also try my hand at her Pumpkin Bread with an Apple Cider Glaze recipe because it looks absolutely delicious.  Plus, all of the recipes on her Tasty Traditions linky is filled with lots of yummy recipes ideas too.

Eat at HomeTiffany has a delicious post this week for Whole Wheat Biscuits.  Wheat actual tastes quite a bit different than white so if you’re a little intimidated by making whole wheat biscuits for the first time then start by taking baby steps.  Substitute a small portion of wheat in place of white until you’re ready to go all wheat.  Need more help in the kitchen?  Check out her Ingredient Spotlight and Weekly Menus w/grocery lists that she shares each week.

Savin SomeBrandy shared a great post last week to Get Ride of Magazine Clutter and now she’s come up with a great idea to put some of them to good with an idea how to use Magazines as a Learning Tool for your kiddos.  Brandy is not only a blogger but also a Thirty-One consultant and is currently holding an open house show with a customer special going on for the month of October. 

The Green Backs GalAndrea shared some great links in her Top Ten Tuesday with tips on how to save money on Breast Cancer Fighting Foods.    

Bucksome BoomerKay Lynn shared a wonderful post this week with 7 ways to conserve water at home.

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  1. Crystal said...

    So glad you like the Witchy Fingers! The kids will love them at school and your kids will be ROCKSTARS for taking them. :)

    Have a great week!

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