Resolutionize Your Wallet in 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011 Hand-posted by Jennifer

    Resolutionize Your 2011    
What’s your resolution for 2011?  Need ideas? Need encouragement and support? Join the Better Living Network  in January as we Resolutionize 2011.

Resolutionize: verb Enacting a mini revolution on your New Year’s Resolution. Small action with big impact!

What do I have planned to Resolutionize Your Wallet?  Our family lives on a pretty tight budget but there are several areas that could use some tweaking or improvement.  Whether it’s a New Years Resolution to save money, use coupons, track expenses, spend money wisely, etc etc.  So, as the New Year begins I hope to share with you a few tips along the way to help you Resolutionize Your Wallet as well.

But, the with the New Year brings lots of New Years Resolutions.  Right.  Going on a diet?  Going green?  Going to this or that?  Join myself and several other bloggers as we help you get off to a successful start this month.  Instead of resolutions, let’s Resolutionize Your 2011 goals!

Who else is participating in Resolutionize Your 2011?

Let’s Resolutionize Your 2011!


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