Walmart cheepies

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Oh! I almost forgot my Walmart trip which was a good deal. I intended on buying three of the Johnson's Buddies Soap for the kiddos but they were out. The soap was $.97 and with my $3/3 coupon it would have been a $.09 profit. I already have a decent stockpile of these but FREE soap is FREE soap! Transaction #1: 1 Kotex Pantiliner $1.00 Minus $1.00 Q Equals FREE 8 EZ Mac Cups $.75ea($6.00) Minus 4 $1.00/2 Q Equals .25ea 4 Whisker Cat Treat $1.07 Minus 4 $1.00 Q Equals .07ea 1 Pert Shampoo $2.88 Minus $1.50 Q Equals $1.38 1 HP Printer Paper $3.97 Minus $3.00 Q Equals $.97 Total due: 5.75 RECAP: $19.25 minus $13.50 in Q's equaled $5.75 OOP for a savings of 70%.


  1. Road King said...

    Just found your site and it is great. The only problem, the only store that we have near us is WalMart (of course - who doesn't have a WalMart near them?), all the others are at least 40 miles away, so I would have to save more than a few dollars to make the trip worthwhile.

    Could use some HP printer paper, especially for almost free, but I can't find where you get the coupon.

    The site looks really nice and professional, even while "under construction". Keep up the good work and great service.

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