God is great

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

You know, I am sitting here at school between classes thinking about my response to my TAG earlier had made me once again realize how great God is even when times are rough. During the past year I have been astounded with how many various crisis(if you want to call them that) I have been faced with. And each time I have been hit with something I think it can't get worse...and then it does...and then it does again. I'll start with the fact that I lost my job...Well, I wouldn't be at school now and spending more time with my kids. And for that I am grateful. Hubby lost his job also...He's been looking for a few months now and some good things he had lined up have all fell through. But, we're being patient - I still have my measly unemployment & coupons. Central heat and air broke last winter...When our house felt like it was 40 degrees and we were flat broke I had no idea what to do. But, this tragedy turned into a true blessing because we ended up finding a $1500 wood Englander stove for $50 and it cut our heat bill by 2/3rds. Like I said a true blessing because we needed to save money desperately. Hubby found out an illness he has is getting worse...Those good ole docs keep shaving off years for him but we keep praying things will get better. At some point he'll need a transplant so we pray we will be blessed when that time comes. I could go on from the kids insurance getting cancelled to their pediatrician refusing to see them because of an past due ins error to one of them getting sick in the meantime to...how much more can I handle. OK...I'm sure you get the point. So, while some things may get fixed right away and others may take some time; God will provide. I know I am not the only one struggling from day to day and I want to pray everyone out there is able to stay strong and learn from everything they are dealing with so they can become stronger and closer to God. This entire year has been an amazing struggle for me and I still don't know where my light at the end of the tunnel is yet but I know I am being guided and for that I am grateful!


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