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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I was just randomly tagged by Mom on a Mission...and I would have to emphasize randomly. I haven't put that many comment posts out there and still don't know alot about this blog world so I have to say a BIG THANKS for being recognized!


Here's the official rules:
  1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself.
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Seven facts about me:
  1. I am married with three children. A 7 year old boy(Taylor), a 4 year old boy(Eli) and a 2 year old girl(Brooklyn). My children are the love of my life and never imagined being blessed this much!
  2. I became unemployed after working 10 years straight and ended up back in school because of it. Now I am a SAHM on school days and might pick up a temporary shift on the weekends now and then (unless we have plans). Becoming unemployed ended up an unimaginable blessing because I am back at school and have more time to spend with my small children.
  3. I am new to coupons which happened because of extreme need. After losing my job and finding out from the good ole Dept Human Services I make soo much money on unemployment I only qualify for $150 in food stamps I had to find a way to stretch it big time! And I have done just that with coupons for which I am truly thankful for!
  4. I love hand-me-downs! Yep! I have truly been blessed from the time I had my first child. I was given clothes for him which are being passed to my second and I am passing to my cousin. My sister-in-law gets hand-me-downs for her daughter which are passed to my daughter. Age wise things are working perfect. Anything that isn't used between all of us goes to our local church.
  5. I hate laundry. Or should I say I don't like doing laundry for five people. I felt this appropriate after saying I love hand me downs. I have a laundry room with shelves for all the kid clothes and if it weren't for implementing this system after kid #2 our clothes would still be mostly on the floor.
  6. I am not a city person; I love my back country woods! I have the benefit of living on a 100+ acre family farm. With this land that has been handed down through generations and split up between all of us my children are blessed to their great-grandmother, my mom & dad, three uncles & aunts and my cousin...within walking distance. Not many families have this blessing nowadays.
  7. I love my wood heater! I came to burning wood last year after loathing the idea of the dirty stuff for years when my central air broke (after I lost my job mind you) and with a 40 degree house I had to do something. We found a $1500 used Englander for $50 and I've been burning since. Not only did my light bill fall from over $200 to barely $75 it is SOO much warmer!

Seven people I have tagged: So, after I leave comments for you all I hope you have fun thinking up some random thoughts and tagging more people!...I guess this means I better get my blog in gear if more people are gonna see my name out there. Gulp, I knew it was coming though. :)


  1. Hopefulone said...

    Oh, I'm a dork. I deleted the taco freebie off the site because it had expired and then I noticed you had tagged me! Please come tag me again:) so people will believe I was. LOL

    Great job on the kaboom math at kmart! Wish my kmart was doing the doubles:(

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