Hello to some people I met today

Friday, October 10, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Just wanted to say a quick hello to a few people I met today. I hope you make it here to see how I get my deals and check the other blogs that I visit too. You'll get as addicted as me! Walmart: I met a nice woman in the pet aisle and helped her out with a few extra coupons that I had. I always like helping save people money. I also told her about the moneymaker Glade deal at Kroger which excited her a bit. Then I headed off to Kroger for my groceries. [They have way better prices than Walmart.] Anyways... Kroger Meat area: I asked the meat department guy what the best deals were for the week to stay under my $2/lb budget and hit the jackpot twice. He showed me the Tyson boneless chicken breast which is normally $4.79/lb was on sale for I think $1.89/lb. And, he stocked me up for Thanksgiving on two Honeysuckle turkeys for only $.99/lb! Awesome! He was so nice and I can't wait to see him next week when I go back to get my boneless porkchops for $1.99/lb that he told me about. Kroger Shopping Aisle: I also met a sweet lady that complemented my coupon binder. (Just so everyone knows I have the two sided three ring binder with baseball cards.) I said thanks and noticed she was coupon shopping too which I thought was great! I love seeing people save money with Q's. I told her about my site and encouraged her to also do CVS too if she likes saving money. I can't say enough about CVS other than you really need to do your research on them and start racking up on their deals. And I really mean racking up! Kroger Checkout: My cashier was so happy to scan all my coupons. I like it when I get the cashiers that don't huff as the two ladies behind me to my surprise didn't huff either but looked on curiously with smiles. After my fourtieth coupon the cashier holds up the coupons to put in her register and says "Now here is a lady who knows how to shop"! :)Thanks! ;) And as my bill went from $225 down to $107 the two women in the back said how awesome they thought it was. So, now I'm blushing about quadruple fold from all the compliments. Today was an amazing day and I not only saved alot of money but met some WONDERFUL people who shared the excitement of all my savings. OK, I feel better now that I shared that with everyone! I'll be back later to update on some steals I made at the stores.


  1. coupongeek said...


    Welcome to the blogosphere! Sounds like you've already figured out the bargain shopping! Congrats! You've been getting some really great deals!

    Don't you love when people watch your grocery bill being wittled down to nothing with coupons! It's such a rush! :) And when they say that you know how to shop, it's like a true pat on the back!

    I am still figuring out blogger myself but if you need any help with the basics, give me a shout. coupongeek@live.com

    And thank you for posting my blog in your list. You are too sweet!


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