Kmart Double Deals

Saturday, October 04, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

It has been a bit since I posted but I feel like that is OK since I'm new and alot of people don't really know about my blog and the fact I'm still a newbie getting used to working the deals. So, what is the best thing for a newbie to do while they are still learning...get totally addicted while KMart has a Double Dollar promotion including coupons valued up to $4! I know, probably to someone who doesn't coupon you're thinking yeah right but I was thinking Oh yeah! This was NOT what I needed to help me get anymore addicted than I already am and I'll break some of it down for ya to see! 4 Gillette Shampoo $16.00($4.00ea) Minus 4 $2.00 Q's Doubled Equals FREE 2 Sunsilk Shampoo $6.00($3.00ea) Minus 2 $1.50 Q's Double Equals FREE 2 Sunsilk Conditioner $6.00($3.00ea) Minus 2 $1.50 Q's Double Equals FREE 4 Sunsilk Styling Aids $12.00($3.00ea) Minus 4 $1.50 Q's Double Equals FREE 4 Tums Smoothies small $7.56($1.89ea) Minus 4 $1.00 Q's Double Equals FREE 2 Purina Dogfood $9.98($4.99ea) Minus 2 $2.00 Q's Doubled Equals $2 4 Hormel Entrees $8.00($2.00ea) Minus 4 $.75 Q's Doubled Equals $2 2 Easy Mac Instant $2.00($1.00ea) Minus 1 $1.00/2 Q Doubled Equals FREE OK, I could go on but I just got really tired so I'm going to lay down but you get the idea, right! Lots of FREE stuff! Did I say addicted? Yeah.


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