My awesome shopping day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Ok, I was in an absolute antsy mood to go shopping so I dolled up my sweetie for a town trip. She loves helping me with my coup-coups (coupons) and even has to have her own to "pay" the cashier. I so love my baby couponer in training! So off to the stores we go...


{tee hee hee} I teased the cashier as she started ringing me up and I handed my coupons saying "I'll be paying with change too please." She just sort of looked at me odd until as she was scanning the coupons and the total kept dropping. And when all said and done and it was $.11 she told me I rocked and I paid her with pennies! How awesome!

Buy 1 Baby Bottle Candy : $1.29 Buy 1 Gerber Gummies : $2.49 Buy 1 Febreze Noticeable : $7.99 - $1.00 on sale Buy 2 Brut Deodorant : $2.39ea - $1.39ea on sale Buy 3 Johnson's Baby Oil : $1.89ea Subtotal: $22.22

No coupons for the first two; I was guilted into them! Use $5/1 Febreze coupon (-5.00) & $5 off Febreze Cellfire E-Coupon Use $1/1 Brut coupon 3@ (-1.00) Use $3/3 Johnson's coupon 3@ (-1.00) Used $2 OYNO catalina Used 3 $1 OYNO catalina's

OOP Expense: $.11 [$23.78 savings or 107% on bottom of receipt!] Catalinas returned: $1.00ea (Johnson) x 3 = $3.00 and...$3/3 Johnson's OYNO OVERALL PROFIT: $.33 profit (which would have been more if not for the guilt items)


I try to watch for deals my family will enjoy so I always have an eye open for things I know we will all like. Today I noticed something for my father in law. He LOVES Lipton tea and claims that anything besides that brand will give him heartburn.

So, while checking out the Target Q's at home I had saw Lipton on the list. I had printed off 9 sets of the Target printable coupons which I could have stacked with a manufacturer coupon but I had left my big coupon book at home in a hurry. So while I was there I went ahead and paid the $1.09 minus my $1 Target Q at .09ea and I'll just come back and get some more with my stacked coupons for some overage.


Walgreens is where my story will end for the night. As I already have one kiddo getting sick on me and I'm sure I will have many more sick days before the winter is over I headed to Wags to stock up on some medicine.

The awesome thing is that I had printed two sets of coupons so I could grab some for my sister in law too but the cashier messed my first transaction up by not ringing in my RR I asked if I could just do the transaction again and she said yeah!

Transaction 1: Buy 1 Minnie Mouse : $5.99 [filler for my sweetie pa tootie] Buy 3 Dimetapp : $3.99 on sale Subtotal: $17.96

Use $2/1 Dimetapp coupon 3@ (-2.00) Used $10 gift card

OOP Expense: $3.62 [she was supposed to have used my $10 RR and put the OOP on my GC but she rang the GC first.] RR returned: $10

Transaction 2: Buy 2 Ibuprofen : $4.99 BOGO sale [filler item] Buy 3 Robitussin : $3.99 on sale Subtotal: $16.96

Use $2/1 Robitussin coupon 3@ (-2.00) Used $10 RR

OOP Expense: $2.53 RR returned: $10

All in all an awesome shopping day!


  1. Hopefulone said...

    Hey Rockin Coupon Mommy!

    Your blogs really taken off since the last time I checked:) Great shopping deals!

    I had to redo my blog (This thing called Life...)-split it apart. Had a silly stalker who kept downloading the pictures of my kids I put up! SO I created a 2nd blog
    where I'm gonna be putting my coupon deals etc. It's a pain transferring things so its a slow process.

    Glad I stopped by your blog, you have some stuff linked that the "old timer" blogs don't have:)!
    Keep up the great work.

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