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Saturday, January 10, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Wanna see some pictures?

I thought I’d share what my binder looks like ripping at the seams.

The coke cans are for reference to how thick this baby really is!

Oh my goodness.  I could zip it up until this past weekend.

Am I the only dork with a binder this full?  I am addicted!


At first we have the bottom view of the binder. See the coke cans!

Bottom view of binder

Next we have the side view of the binder.  See that I can’t zip it.

Side view of binder

Next we have the double sided binder open full face. 

And this is exactly how it sits in the buggy while I grocery shop!

Full Open view of binder

Finally we have pics of how my coupons are sorted inside.

Baseball card holders with colored paper behind the coupon so I can put more coupons on the back side so it looks nice and neat.  Read my post here about how it is organized by sections.  The one in the picture was all my cereal coupons.  Super OCD, can you tell? 

Open Binder of coupons

Well, I hope you liked looking at my binder. Now go make your own! You'll love it.


  1. Nicole said...

    Wow! That is impressive. I really need to get one of the baseball card holders, it would be so much easier to see the coupons. Thanks for sharing your system.

  2. The Tightwad said...

    Wow! Great binder! Mine is not near that thick!!! If you would like a peek at my binder (just in case your curious), you can see it here:


  3. Amber S. said...

    That is amazing! I purchased a binder and inserts, but haven't gotten around to setting mine up yet. Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to sit down and organize my coupons! Thanks for sharing your binder.

  4. Coupon Mommie said...

    Thanks for your comment. I highly recommend the color paper as it helps you see your coupons easier. Just a little extra time but well worth it.

    I laid a stack down. Measured how big to fit the holder with a 1/2 to stick out so I can reach behind it for the back side. Laid a ruler down and cut with a box cutter.

    Now me thinks I need to do a tutorial for setting up a binder. If I find time between my college classes that is. Anywho, glad you like.

  5. Rachel said...

    I use the same system for coupons and love it! I also have index cards cut for the pockets - it does make it easier to see the coupons.

    I'm impressed at the amount of coupons you have. Where do you get so many? I'd never use them up before they expired.

    Your totals on the sidebar are awesome. Great job saving money!

  6. Lea Ann said...

    Your binder and my binder should get together and go shopping. HA! Mine looks exactly like that. Can't zip it. But, man does it save me lots of money! I think I spent a total of $150 for THE MONTH on groceries last month thanks to my binder. Thanks for sharing! And by the way, your header on your blog is BEAUTIFUL (I'm a graphic designer and you've impressed me!).

  7. My Top 5 said...

    Just wanted you to know that you inspired me to make me own (which I did over the last week) and it's been wonderful!

    I even got my supplies for FREE. I use Staples Recycle rewards for printer cartridges. I saved up 10 (the limit) last month so I when I got my $30 reward, that allowed me to go get a super nice, big binder and the baseball card protector sheets. My total was right at $32 with tax and my $30 reward coupon paid for everything since they deduct tax off those sales.

    Thanks so much for your posts!

  8. Anonymous said...

    THANK-YOU so much! I have a ton of friends who used to do the filing method. We loooooove this one! you are a life saver

  9. Anonymous said...

    The real question is... what binder are you using? Mead? Case-It? Some other type?

    I've been searching for a dual-d-ring binder (like in this video on YouTube) for awhile, with no luck.

    Any idea where I can find one?

  10. Jennifer said...

    I am using a Case-It binder that I bought for FREE on Amazon.

    Go here to read more about it.

  11. Anonymous said...

    I have the same binder that you are using i was doing the clipless system before and had all of my inserts in it... now that i have changed over to the tradtional binder my binder is 1/2 empty one whole side has nothing in it. Did you grow into yours or should I look at getting a smaller binder?

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