McDonald’s hot chocolate

Saturday, January 10, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Did you use your free coupons last month in Red Plum for a FREE hot chocolate at McDonald’s with no purchase required?  I DID!  And boy do I miss them.

I was craving one so I decided to whip up my home brand. 




Tall coffee cup


Hershey’s syrup





Measure out some milk in your tall cup leaving about 2 inches of space at top.

Heat up milk on stove.

Add syrup to flavor as you normally would for chocolate milk.

Stir together and pour in tall cup.

Slowly add Redi-whip as it will melt a little as it hits the hot milk.

Fill it all the way to the top and put the lid on.

Sip and enjoy your awesome homemade McDonald’s Hot Chocolate.


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