Follow-up To Walgreens Complaint

Saturday, January 10, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

So, here is the deal of today’s shopping trip and the follow-up to my Walgreens complaint I wrote about here.  This was an impromtu shopping trip as to the deal the manager worked out for me.  I think I did pretty good.

The store manager that I complained about called me while I was in town today, literally a mile away from his store at the Co-op with my mom.  I was so ready to be defensive…let’s go!

Manager: Ms. Wilson, This is Mr. Charles Lundy at the Walgreens near the mall.  I would like to speak with you in regards to your notification (complaint) to call you.

Me: Sure, now correct me if I’m wrong.  You’re actually the manager who denied my coupons, correct?  (It was THE snotty one who teed me off not someone else).

Manager: Yes and I apologize for the problem in regards to your coupons from last week.  Our policy had changed to no printables before you came but a few days after you left it was changed back.  (Me: Eyeroll - Whatever!)  Things have been very confusing lately and I apologize again for any misunderstanding.

Me:  That’s fine.  (Being nice to hear what else he had to say)

Manager:  Now here is what I would like to do.  I would like for you to come in so that you can make your purchase from last week as well as $30 worth of merchandise of your choosing.  We will honor your Dimetapp printable coupons as well as any others you bring in the future also.

Me: I really do appreciate that because I even stated to you last week that I would give you the website address they were printed from to prove they were legitimate if necessary.  I think it is very nice of you to honor the promotion this week and offer me the $30.

Manager: I do apologize again for what happened last week and we would like to make sure you are always satisfied shopping at Walgreens.  When do you think you might be in?

Me: I’m actually in town now so within the hour.

011009 Walgreens So, I quickly game plan a $30 shopping trip for some awesome deals I remembered that were producing Catalina’s.  (Coupon binder is always with me so I was prepared – notes and all) 

I’m in the store filling my buggy with shampoos and head over toward the candy aisle.  And I run into none other than Mr. Lundy!  He greets me by name (knew who I was) and lets me know he has already pulled the Dimetapp for me to purchase at the Prescription counter.

How funny, I think!  He not only wants to get me out of the store quickly he wants me to check out in the back so no one can see me.  Ha ha!

So, here is what ended up in my buggy from his store (I went to another after I left):

The manager had picked up two special 12oz bottles w/free 4 oz for me to help even more to get on my good side saying “Look what I found for you, this is last two we have”

2 Dimetapp 12oz & 2 free 4oz AND…

3 Dimetapp 4oz = $4.00 - $2Q = $2 + get $10 catalina for buying $20 worth

6 Aluminum Foil = $.99 - $1Q = FREE + .01 overage

1 Electrasol = $3.49 - $2.50Q = .99 + submit for $2 rebate = $1.99 PROFIT

4 Flinstone & Scobby Vitamins = $5 - $1Q - $1 IVCQ = $3 + get $10 catalina for buying $20 = .50ea + then submit for Bayer rebate for $3 x 4 = $10 PROFIT

8 Sunsilk = $2.29x2 - $2/2Q = $10.32 + get $10 catalina for buying 8 Unilever’s = $.32 total

4 Garnier Fructis = $2.99 - $1Q - $2ESC = FREE

No Reese’s whips here because the manager distracted me in that aisle

Total: $83.91 + $6.82 tax - $48.70Q’s = $42.03 - $10 catalina - $30 store credit = $2.03 OOP + earned $30 in catalina’s from my purchase.

So, not only did he give me $30 in store credit and honor an expired catalina…I walked out with $30 in catalina’s. WAHOO!

(Plus he honored an expired catalina because I was unable to use it in the store last week when I flew mad and forgot it was expiring last weekend)


Store #2:

6 Aluminum Foil = $.99 - $1Q = FREE + .01 overage

1 Electrasol = $3.49 - $2.50Q = .99 + submit for $2 rebate(for mom) = $1.99 PROFIT

4 Flinstone & Scobby Vitamins = $5 - $1Q - $1 IVCQ = $3 + get $10 catalina for buying $20 = .50ea + then submit for Bayer rebate for $3 x 4 = $10 PROFIT

1 Mott’s Apple Juice = $1.79 - $1Q = .79 (only one in stock)

8 Reese’s Whips = 2/$1 - $1/2Q = FREE

1 Scrunci hairbow for my new haircut = $2.59 (filler to use for catalina too)

1 Chapstick for my hurting lips = $1.69 (filler to use for catalina too)

Total: $44.57 + $3.63 tax - $25.56Q’s = $22.64 - $10x2 catalina’s = $3.63 OOP MY SUBTOTAL WAS ZERO … HA!

(You have to use filler items for catalinas if you aren’t purchasing anything without coupons because they are technically considered coupons)


  1. Jamie said...

    Now that is AWESOME customer serivce! I'm so glad that worked out so well for you! I love that you sent your complaint to the manufacturer! It was great letter. You go girl!

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