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Friday, January 09, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

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HELP written on paper

I wanted to share with you a complaint I filed with Walgreens.

Now, I’m not trying to school everyone on how to send out horrible complaint letters because I’m just sharing my story. I am normally a meek person but I was very embarrassed when I left the store that day and I took my revenge out when I got home.

I emailed a complaint to Walgreens last week when I wasn’t able to do the Dimetapp deal asking about their coupon policy change and didn’t get a response. I had been told they were NO LONGER taking any printable coupons! Now, I knew better because I read blogs all day long about how people were buying Dimetapp & Robitussin days after I tried.

So, I filed another complaint with Walgreens this week with a copy of the letter I emailed to the Wyeth corporation, the maker of Dimetapp. Here’s how it went.

Dear Walgreens: I have sent the below letter to the Wyeth corporation. I am very upset in regards to the way I was recently treated in your store.


To whom it may concern:

I would like to bring it to the attention of the Wyeth Corporation that I was DENIED the use of your printable coupons at a very reputable Company this past week. This occurred at a Walgreens which is a company that my family and I shop at on a somewhat regular basis, and to me it was a disgraceful display of ignorance by a very large company.

I have used many, many of my legally printed coupons at this particular Walgreens store before, as well as other stores in my area such as Kroger, Wal-Mart and Target for a long time. I take pride in my ability to seek out the best value that I can, while living within my family's budget in today’s economic recession. For this, I thank companies such as Wyeth's, whose products I do consider to be of great value, to offer their manufacturer's coupons for printable use.

I was told this past week when buying your Dimetapp brand, that the store no longer accepts ANY home printed manufacturer's coupons. Long story short; the employee at first said she needed to get approval and the manager came to the checkout and I was told that they don’t accept printable coupons. Having used a printable coupon within days of this visit at their store I questioned the Manager when the change happened and was told the day prior, which I find strange. Looking at them with a bewildered look the manager just said Sorry because they have had too many problems they can’t take coupons anymore. I felt like the manager was pointing me out to be a thief in front of his employee as if I was trying to steal from them.

To be up front and honest here is why I think I was denied the use of your coupon. The Dimetapp was on sale at Walgreens last week for $4 as well as a Catalina offer which is why I wanted to use the coupons then. The Catalina promotion was on certain items to get $5 Register Reward when you buy $10 in products or get $10 Register Rewards when you buy $20 in products. (If you’re not familiar with Walgreens Reward program you can use Register Rewards like cash.) I had printed two coupons, my sister had printed two and my mother in law had printed one. We have seven kids between all of us and I was going to be purchasing five boxes for us to stock up and divide.

Based on my frugal math my purchase would have been:

Buy: (5) Dimetapp for $4.00 = $20.00

Use: (5) $2 printable coupons (2 mine, 2 sisters, 1 moms)

Pay: $10 & get $10 Register Rewards back

I feel like they simply refused the printable coupon because I would have received a Catalina for combining my families’ purchase thus getting the products for a very frugal cheap price. I left the store with my coupons, did not use them and have not made my purchase elsewhere yet because of how emotionally upset they made me feel. I will continue to use my coupons but I am very hurt by this ignorant incident.

I am appalled and hope that you are, too! I will certainly be wary about bringing my good money to an establishment that has made me feel like a fool for trying to use a legitimate company offered promotional coupon! The unfortunate thing for me is that this happens to be the closest 24 hour store to my home, and I will be paying more in gas to shop elsewhere. I will also be contacting the store's corporate office to try and get to the bottom of their new policy.

The Walgreens store is located at 220 In My Town, Back Woods, TN.

If this is of particular concern to your company, then I would urge you to contact the Walgreens Corporation with your grievance. I am only one person, but I not only plan to send correspondence to the main headquarters, but I will also be reporting this incident to any blog, forum, agency, newsletter and website that I can find that generates business for Walgreens by pairing the company's in-store prices with the promotions being offered regularly online by companies such as yours. I am someone who makes being a frugal shopper a big part of my daily life, and they have not heard the last of me tonight!

I would be interested in hearing from you regarding this matter too as I am very passionate about my frugal and HONEST coupon shopping! Thank you in advance!

Coupon Mommie

2 Far Out There

Back Woods, TN

I may have went a little overboard but I did nothing wrong and the manager himself thoroughly embarrassed me directly in front of his employee and who knows how many customers.

Want to know the follow-up to my story? I’ll be posting it in a little bit so check back!


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