I have a Bread Machine! YEA!

Friday, January 30, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

013009 Bread MachineI’m so excited!  I have a Bread Machine!

Yeah, me. The one who can barely cook.

Everyone talks about their homemade bread on their blogs and it sounds so yum so I decided to search for one.

I searched craigslist and found three.  One was like $60 – no.  The other was $40 – maybe.  Then, B had a bread machine included in a lot of stuff she was selling for $120.  I asked how much for just for the bread machine hoping she would sell separately and she did!  For $20.  I was sold!   Thanks B!

So, as you can tell from the pic (behind Mimi flashing her tongue) I am in the process of making some Honey Oat Bread! 

I can’t wait for it to finish!  I’m so excited! 

Check back later to see if I bomb something that I’m told is absolutely simple or if I’ll be turning into a Homemade Bread Mommie from now on. 


  1. LittlePeopleWealth said...

    What a great deal!

  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    I was so thrilled because it fell right in my price range.

    I'm on pins and needles waiting & waiting & waiting as the hours pass for my bread to cook.

  3. Darleen said...

    I really want a breadmaker - I should start checking craiglist and so forth...

    I love you blog, thanks for sharing

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