Kroger Bag Boy Up For Adoption

Sunday, January 18, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I’ll have my deal match-ups posted shortly but I thought my bag boy was so cute tonight!

He was making conversation with me when he saw my coupons and said “You probably save about $100 a month with those, huh?”  And I replied, “No, try one shopping trip”.  He was in total awe when my transactions were completed and said he was “up for adoption because he was totally into this” so I smiled and gave him my card.  (Which was FREE by the way). 

Let’s see how I did below.  I broke my transactions up because of the Pepsi rebate and a Try Me Free Rebate to make things easier but I’ll combine them for you here.

I think I did it.  I have one more receipt to roundup from where I had to see customer service because I was overcharged.  But from what is in front of me my totals look good!


$133.57 – Retail Shelf Price

$ 88.21 – Discounts from sales & coupons

$ 44.36 – Out of pocket paid

    66% – Savings overall

And this doesn’t even count my rebates I’ll mail in either!

Now, to find that receipt so my savings will reflect the $100 he joked about!  Watch for my match-up post here later tonight to see my new totals.


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