Shout out to Scott County

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

011309 Mimi OK, so I have to do this. Shout out to Wendy and all her friends in Scott County!

I’ve been talking to a very nice lady who has quickly became my bestest online friend. We’ve been talking almost every day since we met and it has been so refreshing. Our only hitch is our long distance relationship…she’s two hours away without a car.

My new friend Wendy will inspire alot of my posts because she lives in a town without a Kroger unlike me. Since her hubby works down the road from one just outside their town I will be posting some of the best Kroger deals you can’t find in the Kroger ad with coupon matchups just for her. This way she can do the grocery shopping from home and make hubby a shopping list of what to pick up. Growing my blog with store matchups was something I wanted to do anyway but knowing how much this will help out her family gives me a kick in the tush to keep my eyes open and make sure I post about it. What else can I do when a ladies only grocery store choice is Walmart and we know how much they just love hate our coupons!?

Anyways, I love the conversations that Wendy and I have been having lately and can’t wait to meet up with her one day soon for a full day of coupon shopping! I even have the restaurant picked out for where I want to have our lunch…the one where I can use my coupon I bought from for nearly nothing! Their steak is awesome!

So, until the day we meet up and go shopping together I’ll be posting the best stuff that I can for all the chickas in Scott County and everyone else who reads my blog! Happy reading and thanks for listening to my shout out!


  1. Learnin2save said...

    I am one of Wendy's friends way up here in Scott County and let me just say Thank You so much! Wendy has helped me out trying to get the whole idea of all this and it is awesome again Thanks to you and Wendy!

  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    I think it is really great that people can save so much money with coupons and love sending my encourgement your way.

    Always let me know if you have any questions and either subscribe or check back often for updates!

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