my daughter has 5th disease

Monday, January 12, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Well, the post about the Flinstone vitamins causing an allergic reaction in my daughter just happened to be awful timing. Thank goodness!

Good thing is that she is not allergic to Red Dye 40 but…she caught the 5th disease. The rash was visible starting Friday. After visiting with the pediatrician today she was diagnosed with 5th disease. Apparently it is going around right now like a flu bug. Nothing to prevent it, nothing to cure it! Good thing is the only side effect is…A RASH! So, a few weeks and she’ll be better.

Below is the only good picture that I took on Friday. The rash is more severe on her upper arms that you can’t see, her face and thighs. (Pudgy, isn’t she!?)

010909 5th Disease


  1. The Tightwad said...

    Sorry to hear about your little girl.I hope she gets better soon.


  2. beansntatersmama said...

    My five year old broke out in hives all over his body and the doctor said it was a virus and now I'm hearing about lots of other kids and an adult who also broke out. He didn't run a fever is was just really hot and itchy and looked horrible. We are in va. and it freaks me out. My 4 year old had fifths about two months ago and his face just looked windburnt nothing itchy or raised so good luck.

  3. Coupon Mommie said...

    Thanks for your concern and they said she will pretty much just look blotchy until it runs its course. So, she is fine; just speckled. :)

  4. Coupon Mommie said...

    Beans, I hope your sone gets better. From what I've heard about 5th is that it is similar to chicken pox -- once you get it you're done and you don't get it again. And the rash from the 5th doesn't hurt, it just looks awful. Adults can get it too and it will cause joint pain and other stuff.

    *A person with 5th disease is actually contagious the 1-2 weeks prior to seeing their rash! Imagine that-sick and not knowing!

  5. beansntatersmama said...

    I know ya just gotta love the contagious stuff. it's like by the time one kid gets sick it's just too late to even worry about it couse everyone is gonna get it. Hope your little one gets better soon.

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