Newbies – I Need Your Help!

Friday, January 23, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I know I have talked to alot of people here in the Knoxville/Helenwood area lately and there are several people who are just getting started with coupons, right?

So, I know alot of you are just buzzing with “Help Me” questions, right?

Well, I have a goal to post a whole “Getting Started” series for my own website so I’m asking for your help.  You’ll help, right?

Give me your questions and comments about what you want to know.  If you can’t figure out how to comment send me an email to couponmommie (

You want to get started with coupons, you got questions, bring em on!

In addition to this post I will be putting up more specific ones that I would like your feedback on too which will help me in my Getting Started series that I mentioned.  I already have one started on my Coupon Binder so check it out. 

If you can’t wait, head on over to read all the ones that Becky from Nickels -N- Dimes has put together for her site.  It’s awesome!


Special note to the Knoxville/Helenwood area: 

If anyone is interested in having a couponing lunch date with me then email me for some date possibilities. 

Coupon Funny: I took my coupon-phobic mother to Kroger today and saved her 77% off her bill.  I have her convinced to buy one newspaper, not two, one to try to start using coupons!  But I have to hand over all Green Giant coupons I ever get again!  LOL!


  1. Jan said...

    I am new to using coupons. I wanted to know how you organize them. I don't know anything about coupons, so any help would help a lot! Thanks!

  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    I am a very visual person so I have to see all of my coupons while I'm shopping so I use the binder system. You can access this from my sidebar or here. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Jan said...

    Thank you. I found it after I sent you the post. Thanks again.

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