Check Out the Stamper Coupon Couple

Friday, January 23, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Hey, did you know my friend Wendy has her own blog?  Check out her and her husband at Stamper Coupon Couple to see how they’re doing in their coupon venture.

I often talk about Wendy in some of my posts and recently sent a Shout Out to everyone in Helenwood (Scott County) here.  And in all actuality, Wendy is the reason I now blog such an extensive Kroger list.  Everyone Thank Wendy for this and here’s why… 

Before I had been simply posting about my deals that I brought home even though there were some I would pass up myself.  OK for me, not for my readers.

Now, I try to include as many of the Food deals that I can find so she (& everyone else) can prepare a shopping list from home.  Wendy lives in the land of no Kroger but her hubby works here in my Knoxville area of Kroger heaven.  Love his heart with the shopping lists she’s been sending with him.  He’s a good husband!

Love ya Wendy! 


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