Devil Egg Recipe…I mean Deviled Dogs (Corn Dogs that is)

Sunday, March 15, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Yep, you heard right.  Deviled Dog Recipe!  (Keep reading)

My children love corndogs and Foster Farm is always happy to send me coupons in the mail.  Well, I don’t know how but I stumbled across this blog for National Corndog Day.  Apparently March 21 is the day for this year which is this weekend.

OK, well the point of this post isn’t really about what day National Corn Dog day is this year but for some of the “recipes” they have posted on their site.  Yes, recipes for corn dogs.  Who knew?

I like Deviled Eggs but this recipe for Deviled Dogs just sounds unappetizing.  Am I the only one?  Something about blending up dogs and taters for the devil filling just sounds awful. 


  1. Stamper Couponing Couple said...

    eww girl, that sounds nasty, maybe its cause I just got outta bed, and my tummy isnt up to the idea of that yet, but yucky... what a recipe, sure hope you do not give that one a whirl, lol

  2. Lisa P said...

    hmmm not to appetising to me. Hey pick up the award I gave you Here

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