You’re Good at Couponing When Your Balance is ZERO! Right?

Sunday, March 15, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

031409 WalgreensI think I am officially good at my couponing hobby! 

My receipt showed an awesome ZERO DOLLAR balance due!  Whoot!

I ran to Walgreens last night to grab the Glade deal before the new week started.  I always scour the clearance and I found two boxes of hair dye marked way below my coupon value.  Score!

I was in a hurry and Mimi needed sippy cups so I just grabbed them since I’d have overage.  But guess what, I was still negative when my favorite Manager was ringing me out so I had to throw some Twix on the table!

031409 Walgreens ReceiptAnd dum de dum…ZERO balance!  What!  Can you see the receipt?  Zero dollars with a total savings of $36.56!  Har har!

This is about the only Walgreens I never have coupon problems at unlike some of the grumps I run into.  And why is she my favorite manager?  She loves seeing me cash out my deals.  She and I hit it off one night and I told her about my secrets and got her interested in couponing. 

It had been awhile since I’ve been there on her shift and we had the chance to get caught up last night.  She’s been doing a little couponing in her own store but hasn’t ventured into the next door Kroger. What? 

Girl, we’re gonna have to take a coupon field trip!  You need to email me your schedule so I can work something out and we’ll go Wag’n and Krogering.


  1. Lisa P said...

    Way to go! I can never get to Zero derned tax!

  2. slugmama said...

    Congrats on Zero-ing out at Wags!

  3. All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

    Awes-ssome as Paulie Shore would say;) You've come so far!!!!!

  4. Casey said...

    I have been close to zero.
    Great Job.

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