I Need your Help-About Switching to MagicJack

Monday, March 02, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Help me settle an argument with my in-laws to get them high speed internet.

Here’s the deal.  They have a home phone, cell phones and dial-up internet.  They don’t want to pay more money to upgrade to high speed and they aren’t able to cancel the home phone (cell service is sketchy where they live).  I told them about MagicJack but they aren’t quite too sold on it.  Quote: “But, how does it work exactly”.  So, I’m asking for you help to sell them on the idea.


I don’t have a home phone period and I would try it but since we have satellite internet it isn’t compatible.  (I’m way out in the woods – no cable).

So, help me out.  Give me your opinions.  Does anyone have it?  Like or dislike?


  1. Stamper Couponing Couple said...

    My dad's sister has it and she loves it. Not sure how it works or whatever, she lives in Kentucky, we can not get it here cause we are out in the boonies, but she says its awesome, and we never have any problems hearing her or anything with it. She just disconnected her home phone all together and uses this for all her calls, and she has a daycare so she uses it for business to..

  2. Budget Bella said...

    I talk about this over at my blog too. I have managed to save $700 by using this device. We cancelled our phone service immediately. But your inlaws should really just get it on the 30 day free trial and use it. That's the only way to sell them on it.

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