Introduction – Couponing 101

Friday, March 13, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

012809 Coupons Be honest, have you ever felt this way or heard this before?

“What’s the point of using coupons?  I mean, is there really a need for me to save that extra .35cents?  Wohoo, right?”

“I don’t really have the time to clip them so it’s not something I could do.”

Up until sometime last year this was the way I felt.  Sometimes I would buy an item in the store with a coupon attached to the product (a peelie) and bought it with every intention on using that big ole .35cents off that was stuck to it.  Well, sometimes the cashier forgot to peel it off and I wouldn’t notice it until I was at home.  What were my thoughts?  “Oh well!  It was only .35cents.”

And at that point in my life I thought I was living frugally.  I did my shopping for the most part about once per month and would sometimes have two buggies of “value priced” items.  I compared the shelf prices between generics and name brand and I calculated the cost per ounce too.  So, I was at least trying a little bit but just not effectively.

I stumbled across a couponing post while at work one day on a break room computer.  I was shocked!  I quickly wrote down the site so I could read more at home.  I started saving my coupons and have been hooked ever since.

I’ll show you my system step-by-step and hopefully you can start saving boodles of money too!  Good luck and let me know if you ever need any help along the way!


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