My Daughter’s Take on Stockpiling Clearance Items

Saturday, March 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

See my daughter (and her cousin Caleb) just two days ago – so sweet and innocent.

030509 Mimi and CalebSee my Betty Crocker Icing which I bought on clearance for $.69 with a $1/1 coupon.  I have quite a stash of this in the cabinet stockpiled away.

030709 Betty Crocker Icing

Now, this is what happened while Mommie was folding laundry and Mimi was left to play nicely with her tea set.  She found Mommie’s stockpile stash and raided it!

Apparently she thought her pretend cookies needed some real cookie icing. And what better way to eat it than straight from the cap? 030709 Mimi and Icing030709 Mimi Icing Mouth030709 Mimi Icing Mouth1030709 Mimi Icing Mouth 2


  1. Jamie said...

    Oh that's funny! She looks like she's having a good time. Of all the colors to pick, she picks black! :)

  2. Stamper Couponing Couple said...

    Oh my, lol... How cute, I can just here her doing her little tada in the background, LOL, love your heart girl, but that is a priceless memory!!

  3. Coupon Mommie said...

    Jamie, black and orange were the only ones on clearance from Halloween but, yeah, black was an optimal choice!

    Wendy, right, with a face like that I couldn't get mad!

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