Taking Time to Say Grrr to Norton!

Sunday, March 22, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Norton stinks! And up until yesterday I was clueless to this.

Why did I have Norton? Because it was on the computer. Period. Free trial ended, I renewed. Simple as that. Hindsight, I should have taken the time to research buying something else.

Here's what happened yesterday that made me say GRRR...

Norton isn't compatible with some new software that I will be purchasing. OK. Well, I'll get something different. I did. Now, at this point things are supposed to be simple. A. Uninstall Norton. B. Install new program. C. Wrong! ~ I uninstalled Norton and lost internet. What?

I'm going to spare all the details of everything that went wrong because I am so sick of what happened and things still aren't entirely fixed but here's the skinny.

I spent almost 9 solid hours, seriously, working round and round on the phone with different technicians trying to get my internet back. Now, I can access IE partially but with errors and let’s not even talk about FF. Uggh.

Apparently if you don’t uninstall Norton using their specific download tool you could experience issues. Well, now I know that but how do I fix my problem. “Mam, we’ve taken all the diagnostic steps that we can on the phone we will need to send someone to your house.” Huh!?

Now, this is all well and good that they are going to send someone to my house, which is covered under my warranty, but…”It could take up to 7 days to have someone there.” 7 DAYS!? Oh, great!

So, here I sit, with a half working computer and a really tired brain! I think I’ll go to church and do some shopping afterwards. Toodles…


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