Buying meat on clearance saves big $$! $64 to be exact.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

image I am usually a night shopper but since hubby is trucking over the road I’ve had to start lurking into the stores during the day.  Oh my gosh!  I almost fell over my buggy at the meat markdowns that I saw before my eyes! 

My goal for meat purchases is less than $2/lb and this purchase averaged out to $1.53/lb.  Pretty cool deal. :)

Now I have 30lbs of meat.  The tags totaled up to $99.24.  Dum, de, dum.  I only paid $46.04.  So, 54% saved!

Let’s just say that I’ll be cooking all morning to get this stuff in the freezer.  I always cook meat I buy on clearance before freezing it so that it doesn’t spoil while it thaws out in the fridge.  Plus it saves time cooking dinners which I really love.


  1. MARCIA said...

    Great savings. I never thought to cook meat on clearance before freezing it. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. Jennifer said...

    I can't stand the thought of eating meat that has turned brown in packaging. Kroger will mark down two days before expiration but even though I'm buying meat on clearance I still pick only what looks the freshest.

    I don't do alot of once a month cooking like other people but meat is the one thing that I cook ahead. Especially clearanced meat!

  3. Candi said...

    I just found your site and so excited! I have never thought about cooking the meat and then freezing it, but it's a great idea. I love it when they mark the meats down too, saves a ton of money! One day me and the kiddos were at Kroger to get the $.99/lb chicken breasts but they had some marked down to $.49/lb!!! I tried not to be greedy so I left 2 packages :)

  4. Jennifer said...

    Kroger is my favorite grocery store. And to think for years I thought it was over-priced! Boy, was I fooled!

  5. Shannon said...

    For anyone who has a Walmart supercenter. They clearance their meat in the morning time. So if you go mid morning early afternoon is the best time to get it there. By the time night comes most of the good stuff is gone. Hadn't thought about cooking it first though. I have 5lbs of lean ground beef in the freezer that was on clearance for 2.49/lb

    Oh and for the person who said something about the meat being brown. In some cases that just means that the blood is settling at the bottom of the package. You can turn it over and the bottom will be really red. In other cases I have been told (especially about meat at Walmart) that meat wouldn't look bright red if it didn't have some kind of preservatives in it. I remember hearing something like that from someone who won't buy meat at Walmart because it isn't cut fresh there (it comes on a truck from somewhere else prepackaged) But meat at Publix is red too so I never quite understood why meat shouldn't be red.

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