What do you do with 48lbs of Ketchup? Seriously!

Monday, April 27, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

042609 48lbs of Ketchup My husbands trucking job comes with a slight, um, perk

He is sometimes required to “dispose” of damaged freight.  See where I’m going with this disposal process?

This past week he “disposed” of a 24pk case of Deer Park water and SIX 7lb cans of Hunts Ketchup.

The water was in perfect condition with the exception that the top of the plastic was ripped so, score for us!  FREE!

Um, the ketchup is dented and in 7lbs gigantic cans. 

So, what to do with the ketchup.  Do I use it or not?  I’ve read about other people eating food out of dented cans so I lean toward them being useable.  But, just think how many bottles that will fill!  Ketchup anyone?

One of the cans didn’t make it in the picture because the kids helped carry it in the house.  Get the picture!


  1. Gabe said...

    Remove the ketchup from the dented cans as soon as you can and they should be fine. Tomatoes, as you may well know, are highly acidic. With the dent, the metal is exposed (the inside of the can is covered by a BPA plastic material to prevent rusting). The metal will begin to corrode soon if the ketchup is not removed. It should keep for a while in the fridge. As for what to do with it, that is a good question. I can’t think of lots of recipes that call for tons of ketchup. Here are some quick ideas of recipes that do call for some though—bbq sauce, cocktail sauce, Thousand Island dressing, and meatloaf. My aunt puts some in her spaghetti sauce when she makes it from scratch. If you can’t use as much of it as you have, I recommend calling downtown to one of the missions to see if they could use it.

  2. Honey said...

    Or the two sweet ladies who run the Love Kitchen. They are so great! Thanks for the good info Gabe. I didn't know about all that. I buy dented cans all the time from Kroger. Now, I'll just empty them into another container and use right away or freeze.

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