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Friday, May 29, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

coupon_mommie_buttoncoupon_mommie_button This is the first post as part of a series about and what direction this blog is going in.  Stay tuned for more and I hope to receive alot of input from you as I post more details in this series!

Today I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how I got started.  Just exactly how Coupon Mommie came to be.

I created Coupon Mommie without really doing alot of pre-thought about what I was getting myself into.  I was reading all the other frugal coupon blogs and was snagging all the deals they posted.  I was addicted.  Remember the coupon “high” that you get when you snag some good deals?  Especially as a newbie!?

Well, one night I decided that I was going to blog.  Yep, and this was going to be easy to do.  I’ll just take pictures of what I buy and put them on this new little blog that I was creating.  That sounded easy enough.

OK, so I pull up Blogger and start going through the steps to create a new account and I get to NAME BLOG.

Name my blog? Well, I had no idea what I wanted to name my blog! I had this grand idea to start a blog but I had no idea of what I wanted my blog to be called. OK, now here is where I didn’t do alot of hard thinking.

Name my blog… OK, this is going to be about coupons.  So, COUPON ___ what?  OK, well.  Hmmm?

Name my blog… Oh, I know.  I’ll use Mommie because that’s what the kids call me.  That’s good, right~!?

So, COUPON MOMMIEThere ya have it!  The whole thought process that went into me creating my blog. 

…stay tuned for more in this series.


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    and we're so glad you're here :)

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