FREE Ice Cream Saturday at Walmart Supercenter on 5/30

Friday, May 29, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Walmart Free Ice Cream Saturday

If you’re feeling adventurous enough to brave Walmart this Saturday then be sure to grab a Free Ice Cream treat!

They will have either a 1.57 fl oz. Dibs Snack Bag, 2.4 fl oz. Blue Bunny Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bar or a 4 oz. Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out Cup for your tasting pleasure.

While supplies last and only one sample per customer.
Check to see if a store near you participating
Thanks to the Dealicious Mom for the heads up!


  1. Marge said...

    I was not successful getting the free ice cream on my trip to WalMart today (on Walbrook in Knoxville). The first 2 employees I asked didn't even know about it. The third said that he had heard about it, but didn't know any details.

    This was about noon--an hour after it was supposed to start. And, this store was listed as participating. Too bad!

  2. Honey said...

    I had to be very persisitent and even when I did finally get it, it was not the portions they advertised (for instance, the cut one of the Ben & Jerry's into
    4ths! I had gone early in the morning to get a few groceries. When I was there I thought I would ask if they were participating. I asked 4 different people who did not know, but one asked a manager. I had heard it was at 11, but this manager said 10. When I got home, I called Walmart and the first peron I spoke to said they had not heard of it. Then they put a manager on the line who said, "oh about 10:30 or 11:00_I really don't know much about it-it's a vendor who is coming in." Then we went there (same Walmart as Marge) and there was no one there. We piddled around and came back a few minutes later...still not there. I waited around a few more minutes ('cause the kids really wanted to try it) and finally got the little tiny samples-kind of a dissappointment. Good thing they had Breyers on sale for $2.25 and I used a .75 coupon. They should have not even advertised it if it was just a sample-people do samples all the time! So I am consideri8ng telling the company how disppointed we were with what we actually got...

  3. Honey said...

    I'm sorry-we were at the Chapman Hwy Walmart on Green Road not Walbrook.

  4. Honey said...

    OK, ladies, after googling around a bit I found that these companies appear to be unrelated, so I figured I'd let Walmart know about our experience. I sent them a quick email about what happened and I will try to let you know what response they have, if any. (I told them we did not get what the Walmart website described at all and we were disppaointed).

  5. Jennifer said...

    I'm very disappointed as well! I stopped into Wal-Mart on Chapman while I was driving to the coupon workshop in Knoxville and grabbed my little piece.

    I understand everyone's frustration about Wal-mart being so clueless to what vendors are setting up in their store. A similar situation happened when their All You (Walmart exclusive magazine) vendors setup to hand out samples. None of the employees knew what I was talking about. I finally found the vendor so I was prepared when I heard about this promotion to just walk around and look for a booth.

    However, based on the advertisement I too was very disappointed that the serving size was so tiny. I mean, 3 little dibs or a 1x1 inch of the Blue Bunny. And they didn't even offer the Ben & Jerry's.

    I will be calling Walmart customer service as well to explain that I put this on my website and several readers, including myself, stopped by their store and it was very poor advertisement adn disappointed so many people.

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