Have you heard? Get 20 FREE i-wireless minutes at Kroger

Saturday, May 02, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Kroger is giving away 20 FREE i-wireless phone minutes for every $100 you spend at Kroger just like their gas program!  This applies to any of the Kroger family of stores.  Read more here.

Effective May 4th customers who link their i-wireless phone number to their Kroger Plus Card number will automatically receive 20 FREE minutes for every $100 spent at Kroger.  But, unlike the fuel program you can carry over any unused FREE minutes from month to month!  They never expire!  Just roll and roll and roll.

imageSo, how do you get a phone?

  • Check the display at Kroger or ask an associate.  (in select stores)
  • Prices for the i-wireless phones start around $50 for a basic model.

How do you link your i-wireless phone to your Kroger Plus card?

  • On your phone at activation.
  • Via IVR at 1-866-594-3608
  • Live operator at 611 from i-wireless cell
  • Online at i-wireless home 

How do you know when you have minutes?

  • You will get a text message each time you earn a 20-minute reward.
  • On your receipt at the bottom near where the fuel points are tallied.

What are the restrictions?

  • Excludes pharmacy, alcohol and tobacco.

All incoming text messages are FREE and to send a text is only 10¢.

This makes me ask ~ Does Kroger know how much couponers spend at their stores?  Can you tally up in your head how many minutes we could end up with on an i-wireless phone?

Hmm…Wonder if those phones go on sale?


  1. Anonymous said...

    That's an amazing deal if you have one of their phones - it sounds like the Kroger gas program that we use every week. More savings for our spending, excellent!

  2. Anonymous said...

    great deal for my 13yo daughter - she's been begging for a phone for a while and this might make it work

    we spend over $500 every month at Krogers so I assume that means 100 minutes free?

  3. Jennifer said...

    I thought it was a great deal as well especially for those young ones who beg for phones. This would only be a small expense upfront that they could "work for" and have responsibility for saving their minutes that we earn them for FREE.

    I'm contemplating it for my son to have when he stays with his dad to be able to call me with.

    Like you said, we're spending hundreds at Kroger anyways and the perk is that the minutes NEVER expire. They roll and roll!

  4. Jennifer said...

    Oh, and yes it is like the gas program with the exception that the gas points you earn are only good for one month and then expire. These minutes never expire.

    And being that I don't purchase alcohol and tobacco I'm not sure if those purchases count toward your fuel points but I am certain they don't count toward the phone minutes.

  5. Bryan said...

    Sounds like we shouldn't renew our Verizon contract this summer. This will be a better deal for my use than the money I've been spending there, great timing. Thank you :-)

  6. Jennifer said...

    Depending on the amount of minutes that an individual uses then i-wireless may be a better option. And I do believe you can still purchase additional minutes on their homepage if you use up all your free minutes.

    Dropping our cell plan isn't an option for my household because of hubby's new trucking job but like I said, I'm considering it for my son to have when he's at his dad's.

  7. Bryan said...

    I just went on the Kroger site and linked through to the offer, it's pretty smart. I'm sure they're still making money but getting that deal for the same 100 bucks is awesome.

    It's almost worth not using my Verizon phone until the contract runs out but getting an iwireless phone now and taking advantage of the deal. Is this new or have I just missed it? Does anyone know?

  8. Jennifer said...

    It's a new offer that just started today May 4th.

    Bryan - If you're going to switch to the i-wireless then I suggest finishing out your Verizon and simply bank the FREE minutes on your new i-wireless. Just saying. :)

  9. Anonymous said...

    great deal for my 13yo daughter - she's been begging for a phone for a while and this might make it work

    we spend over $500 every month at Krogers so I assume that means 100 minutes free?

    No, that means 1000 free minutes or $100 in minutes

  10. Jennifer said...

    It is an awesome deal! Checkout Shortcuts.com to see if there is still a $20 E-Coupon which will save you $20 on a phone purchase.

    And $500 in groceries would equal 100 Free minutes.

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