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Saturday, May 02, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

If you’re here I’d like to say Welcome! I’m happy that you have found my site and hope that you find the things that I post interesting. I welcome you to leave comments and send me emails too!

If you’re new to Couponing then I encourage you to start reading my Coupon 101 section. It is a work in progress because I am a busy Mommie but please don’t hesitate to suggest a topic if you’d like to hear about something specific.

LINKS: There are links in the toolbar at the top of the site with alot of linked resources and good information.

OFFERS: All along the sidebar I try to put up alot of the different offers available to you. Alot of the freebies and offers that I put out may only be available for a limited time so try to take some time and sign up for them quickly. I’ll give you an example. There is a monthly Kraftmaid offer that is gone within hours of being posted.

WELCOME: Hi! How are you? LOL. My email is in this section as well as my free blog counter.

SUBSCRIBE: Different ways to subscribe to Coupon Mommie in the sidebar such as Emails, RSS Feeds.

FOLLOW: You can be a Follower with the Google Friend Follower.

BUTTON: You can also grab my button if you’re a blogger.

FEEDJIT: I think it’s pretty cool to look at where people are dropping in from. Israel has even popped up?!?

HEADER: Jenny at Pink Armchair Designs designed my header. Isn’t it cool!

AFFILIATES: A list of who Coupon Mommie is affiliated with. It is very much appreciated if you help support my site by using the links on here. Links such as the, The Coupon Clippers and so forth. So, thanks in advance for using the links here on my site!

COPYRIGHT: To me, blogging is about sharing. If you like something I wrote, then share it & then just credit me.

GOOGLE: All the Google ads are geared toward the things I write and since I mostly write about coupon stuff then they should be coupon related. If you notice something interesting pop up then check it out.

ARCHIVE: I’ve been blogging since 2008. Click on a month and have fun reading.

CATEGORIES: Want to find something specific? Check out a category. There is also a search bar at the top!

Alright, so that’s a little bit about how Coupon Mommie is setup right now. Things may change but in the meantime, have fun and peruse around a little.


  1. Eric Holcombe said...

    I am new to all of this. I am starting my third week. I need info on stacking coupons. How do I do that specifically with B1G1 free items? Someone said I can use 2 coupons on those. I don't understand how I can do that if I am only paying for one item. Can I stack a printable coupon with a paper coupon? I know I can use an ecoupon with a paper coupon, but can I use a printable coupon or a store coupon on top of that as well? It is confusing to me. HELP! Thanks so much in advance!


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