Hello to the Knoxville locals who attended the workshop…

Saturday, May 02, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Are you a Knoxville local?  Did I see you today?  Didn’t you think Gabrielle was awesome?  ME TOO!  ; )

Anyways, I wanted to say a quick hello to all the Knoxvillians that attended the Couponing In Critical Times workshop today!  It was so nice getting to see so many people in the community who wanted to learn more imageinformation about coupons.  I think that Gabrielle did an amazing job in her presentation and I’m glad that so many of you stopped by to show her your support.

Again…Great Job Gabrielle!  And it was so nice to meet you!

So, now that you’re here on Coupon Mommie I hope you enjoy the site and stick around!  Since most of you that attended the class are new to couponing I want you to know that I am here to help if you need it.  As a newbie, you will have lots of questions so please don’t be afraid to ask! 

Gabrielle touched on alot of things in the workshop and I will try to send out some little tips and links to assist you here online as you begin to learn how to save money!

Right now I would like to encourage you to stay informed on the latest freebies, coupons, and deal alerts that I put out so be sure to subscribe to Coupon Mommie by email, RSS or just bookmarking me the old fashioned way!  Take some time, poke around and Enjoy!


  1. Mamabelle said...

    What a great program! Thanks for your insights and help!

  2. Jennifer said...

    I'll be posting more details later but Gabrielle will be at the library sometime this month and I plan to be there.

    If anyone would like to drop in to say hi then we'd love to see you!

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