Spotlight: HOT dairy coupons for any brand!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Sorry, these are for Idaho & Utah only!  I’m out of printer ink so I didn’t catch this ahead of time.  Thanks Tam!

Here’s some generic dairy coupons to grab by changing zip codes on like I mentioned hereTiffany at Real Simple Saving Saving Methods found these awesome coupons in her zip code 84102.

Coupons dotcom - $0.75 off any brand of milk, 1 gallon OR 2 half gallons, white or chocolate

- $0.75 off any brand of yogurt, (1) 32 oz OR (4) any size

- $1 off any brand of cheese, 2 lbs. +, brick, cube, or shred

I tested out four or five different zip codes and didn’t see these coupons anywhere else.

I also noticed that about 4 more coupons had been added to my area since earlier so remember to always click on my button as you’re leaving my site and check for anything new you might want.


  1. Tam's Towne said...

    Just a heads up. These coupons specifically say they are to be redeemed in Idaho and Utah only. They are pd. by the Idaho Dairy Products Commision.

  2. Jennifer said...

    Oh Dern! No wonder I couldn't find them in all my other HOT zip codes that I normally use.

    Thanks for the catch! I'll edit the post.

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