Deal Alert: Cheap Purex at Kroger?! with catalina promo?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Anyone else getting a catalina at Kroger when buying the Purex?  I received a $2 OYNO and so did a friend.

I purchased 4 detergents and 2 fabric softener and received a $2 OYNO catalina courtesy of Purex!

My friend only bought 2 detergents and she also received a $2 OYNO catalina courtesy of Purex!  WOW!

SO, if my math is correct then that means you can get Purex for $.49 after sale, coupon & catalina.  I haven’t been back to Kroger to try this again but if you do then please leave comments so I can update this post!


Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent *$2.19 Each (Must purchase 10 Mega items)
Selected Varieties, 24-32 ld or Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, 52 ld
Use $.35/1 in 6/14 Smart Source insert (expires 7/31)
Get back $2 OYNO catalina
Final Price = $.49 each after doubled coupon & catalina

So, if you have some mega items to purchase then split them up into transactions of 10.  I’ll be going back tomorrow with my grandmother to help do her shopping so I’ll keep you posted & look forward to comments!


  1. Julie said...

    Hmmm... Had no idea abt this one but I bought 2 of the Purex detergeant tonight; no catalinas. I did realize I could also use my FREE Oscar Mayer hotdogs cooupon and MAKE money (they're on sale for 2.39, minus .30 for the Buy 10, but the freebie coup credits you the full $2.79 price!).

  2. Anonymous said...

    I purchase 2 of the fabric softeners today and I received the $2 ONYO. That goes really nice with the $2.50 one I got for the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks!

  3. Suz said...

    Thanks for the tip... I'll be linking to you :)

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