Want some CVS & Walgreens gift cards?

Monday, June 08, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

One of the best ways to play the drugstore game is to keep your out of pocket expense at a minimum, right?  Well, I still end up spending a little bit and it’s always nice when I can pay my OOP with a FREE gift card.

How do I get my FREE gift cards?  I read emails from MyPoints.  Click, Open, Close.  Simple.  The points add up and once you reach a certain amount you can cash in for a gift card for a variety of things.  I choose CVS or Walgreens simply because that is the most beneficial to me but there are way more choices.

I have used MyPoints for years and highly recommend them.  They do not spam you except for the emails you get to read for points.  I setup an email specifically for MyPoints & nothing else to keep my inbox clean. 

You earn around 5 points per email and I average anywhere from 3-6 per day.  Not alot but it adds up.


  1. Breanne said...

    I've used MyPoints for over 10 years now and have earned well over $800 in free gift cards just for doing my normal online shopping and reading emails. I've just started using their online grocery coupon feature where you earn points for printing and redeeming grocery coupons!

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