Quick Reader Tip: Check your junk mail…

Wednesday, July 01, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Julie wrote in to tell us her coupon discovery in her mailbox:

I hope you’re not tossing those little weekly mailers we get around here (the ones that usually have Papa Johns or Pizza Hut on the front and then random other fast food/pizza or generic business ads inside).

A couple weeks ago I got one that had 2 coupons in it for toothpaste and something else… but this week’s had at least a half dozen coupons including some very high-$ coups (Buy 5 Lean Cuisines, get $3 off – it’s usually only $1 off 4 or 5). I wonder if this is a new venue the manufacturers are looking into b/c they figure that most people throw those mailers away as junk; and much of it usually is.

Anyways, just a quick tip!

Julie (Knoxville)

I’ve been using these coupons for quite awhile and have about 6 neighbors that donate theirs to me.


  1. Yoly said...

    Yes, check the junk mail. I got a single sheet with 3 coupons (Buy 1 product get X Publix product free)for Publix that were in my Red Plum mailer.

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