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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer


I’m going to start off with a question tied to this offer because I need comments from you guys. 

  • Have you used the Entertainment Book?

I’m asking because I’ve personally not bought one before but this offer perks my interest because of the savings that it advertises.

  • If you reserve your 2010 Book now then you get the 2009 Entertainment Book FREE. 
  • Save up to 50% on dining out, shopping, attractions, travel & more.

I love getting cheap gift certificates from but this book claims to save on more than dining out.  I’m all about saving money but for some reason I’ve been hesitant about ordering this book. 

This offer ends July 31st so please share you opinions!


  1. tamstowne said...

    Our schools in the NW used to sell them like the coupons books are sold here in Knox County. They are only good in a specific area. Where you are outside of greater Knoxville you will want to make sure there are coupons for retailers in your area so you don't have to travel to use them.

    Our E-Books in Portland had MUCH more than dining coupons. Movies, small retailers, etc. Every area is different so I don't know what you would get here. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  2. Mommy Managing said...

    I can't really speak for your specific area--but I save TONS!! I've ordered an Entertainment book every year since 2001. The last two years, I ordered mulitples! In the 2009 book, there were coupons for FREE Little Caesar's pizza and KFC Snackers. Straight up FREE! I also use several of the entertainment/attraction coupons for B1G1 FREE to the zoo or museum and such. Once or twice, I've used the reatil coupons for places like New York & Co. I've never used the travel stuff.

    I'm on their automatic renewal program, so I don't pay shipping and I don't get rate increases.

    I would definitely recommend!

  3. Mamabelle said...

    I don't see that they have one for Knoxville yet... am I looking in the wrong place? I just see one for the Tri-cities, Nashville and Memphis. I'd really like to try it out so I look forward to hearing what you find out!

  4. Jennifer said...

    Thanks for the awesome comments guys!

    Mamabelle, you're right that it's not available in Knoxville yet but I wish it was. However, I have family that live in the Johnson City/Greenville area that is part of the Tri-Cities discount book.

    Sorry if I mislead anyone in the Knoxville area. Guess I left out that little detail.

  5. Shannon said...

    I used to buy them when we sold them in school as fundraisers and I have bought them from online. The best part about the past few years is that buying the book gets you the online membership free, so if you are traveling or going somewhere you can register your book online and print coupons from anywhere. You can sign up online and pay a monthly fee instead of buying the book but I like having the paper coupons too. You also get cheap movie tickets. Like $6.50 for a ticket +$1 extra if it is during the 1st 2wks of the movie. Oh and they also usually have grocery coupons in them too. One for each month, in Brevard it was always Publix but when I got it in Orlando it was Albertsons and it would be like $5 off 20 or something like that.

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