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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Well, sort of.  My fingers aren’t up to alot of clicking the mouse and clacking on the keyboard right now.

My doctor has told me in the past that I do not have signs of carpal tunnel or arthritis in my hands based on tests that he has ran but every so often I have weird symptoms that I can’t associate with anything else.

So, even though I typically blog alot more than I have for the past few days I need to take it easy on my hand hoping these symptoms will go away or ease up. 

imageMy hand is feeling very achy in my wrist with somewhat numbish feeling in the rest of my hand and fingers but not really the prickly/tingly feeling of numb like when your arm falls asleep, just weird. Plus, my arm is achy all the way up to my shoulder and the muscle up to my neck is sore. 

Sometimes my hand will not be hurting too bad but when I type it’s like I have no feeling in it sort of like it’s not even there but I can continue typing because I am a skilled touch typist. So, not sure what symptom is masking itself  where the doctor can’t diagnose it but it sure is doing a fine job.

Bear with me please as I deal with this issue.  I will still be blogging but probably with full links to other sites.


  1. Anonymous said...

    You may have a pinched nerve and/or a cervical strain (no not your cervix! but your cervical which is your upper back/shoulder/neck type area.

    The numbness could be a result of both of those or it could be nerve damage or neuropathy.

    If you have insurance and have the time available I would suggest seeing a neurologist.

    I have had some of those same symptoms so I feel for you.

    I hope you get better real soon!

  2. SB said...

    enjoy your rest...and follow dr's orders.


  3. Honey said...

    Hope you feel better soon! I had carpel tunnel with my 3rd pregnancy-not fun. But when the swelling went away, so did the carpel tunnel. It took a few months.
    Yeah, might be worth it to get a second opinion, because the wrist is affected by neck strain.

  4. Mamabelle said...

    I second the others--get a second opinion if you can.

    My husband once had some numbness/pain on one side of his body and the dr said one baby aspirin a day for a couple weeks. Went away and never came back... ya never know!

    Best wishes to you.

  5. Kimberly Kihega said...

    I hope you get to feeling better! I've had pains in the area from sleeping on it wrong, and such. No idea how it is for you, but hope it gets better quick!

  6. All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

    Let us know if you find out what it is. Take care...

  7. Jennifer said...

    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments! I really appreciate them all.

    I've had these symptoms for many many years. Sometimes worse than normal (like here lately).

    I may actually try the baby aspirin with the free Ecotrin we snagged awhile back, LOL. Love how couponing keeps hoards of stuff onhand.

  8. Michelle The Mom said...

    I have had similar symptoms for many years. Rest works best, but for those of us who just can't stop I suggest ibuprofen. Aleve works better. You can get the generic (naproxen sodium) and it works just as well for me. Also if you are into herbs feverfew tea works wonders for these symptoms too. DO NOT TAKE WHILE pregnant. This is an herb they used to give to induce labor. Wow, I feel like an infomercial! ; )

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