Organized Closet ~ When I look at this picture…

Sunday, August 30, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

…I don’t think about the shelf holding those cute green boxes that were “added”  for space.

When I look at this picture I think

   1. Wow, I wish mine was that big.

   2. Look, I can actually see the floor.

   3. OMG, a vacuum was actually used.

   4. Who hangs their purses? I only have one.

   5. Ohhhhhhh, at the stockpile opportunities.

   6. And, how much fun my kids could have in there!  Cause it’s fun as a kid to sit in a closet, with the lights out and tell ghost stories with a flashlight ya know.  Yeah, so this is actually what ran through my mind when I saw this picture.

But, back to the shelf.  We added shelves to our laundry room for extra space and I love it!  It has helped tremendously with our stockpile storage.  Being that the laundry room was small to begin with (probably smaller than this closet) I was afraid that the added shelves would make it feel even smaller but they don’t.  I am very happy with my shelves that were added for storage space and encourage you to look for ways to expand on your storage too.

Want to see more pictures and storage ideas?  Head over to where I grabbed this picture from to read a Guest Post by the Tip Junkie about Closet Space Saving Ideas.


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