A little about my 3 labor stories on Labor Day…

Monday, September 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

imageI found this Labor Day meme at Three Ladies and a Dad blog.  I thought it would be fun to participate. 

First off, I have three children who all have nicknames from where one of the other kids couldn’t pronounce their siblings name.  Don’t laugh!

Bubba ~ 8 year old boy.
Lala ~ 5 year old boy.
Mimi ~ 3 year old girly girl.

We sound so hick.  Seriously.  Mommie, Daddy, Bubba, Lala, and Mimi.  How much more country and hick can you sound!  But when the kids say the nicknames they sound cute so they stuck…

Anywho, on to the Meme:

How long were your labors?

  • Bubba: 7am – 5am.  Fun part was mostly after midnight.
  • Lala: 7am – 11pm.  About like the first just a little faster.
  • Mimi: 7am – 8pm.  Nothing really happened until just after 7pm though.

How did you know you were in labor?

  • Bubba: I was induced one week early for breathing complications.
  • Lala: I was finally induced after going OVER two weeks past my due date.  I was not a happy pregnant lady but my doc did not want to induce me since he thought I might go natural.  He was wrong.
  • Mimi: I was induced one week early for begging entire time I was pregnant not to go full term.

Where did you deliver?

  • Bubba: Hospital U where my OB worked.  Hospital U also has “student” doctors.
  • Lala: Hospital B closer to my house.  Loved the birthing rooms at this hospital alot better!
  • Mimi: Hospital B closer to my house.  Went with Hospital B again since the rooms were nicer.


  • Bubba: I wanted to give birth natural which I found out was really hard to do when you are induced with pitocin.  I went from 1cm & 0 contractions to bam bam bam contractions…that was harder than I thought and really drained my energy.  I made it until midnight before finally agreeing to an epidural.
  • Lala: Went with epidural so I could have more energy than last time.
  • Mimi: Third times a charm.  Pitocin & epidural seemed like a standard procedure at this point.


  • Bubba: Nope.  After not making enough progress pushing on my own the doctor gave me the option of a c-section or using a vacuum to help pull the baby.  I chose vacuum.  I pushed, he pulled.  I pushed, he pulled.  On the third push/pull the doctor said “Last chance or we’ll have to have an emergency c-section”.   I heard those words and didn’t stop pushing until I saw my son’s head!  Thank you God for giving me the strength that I needed to avoid being cut!  He was 9lbs 4oz & a week early!
  • Lala: Nope.  Yet another difficult labor of pushing on my own.  My nurse turned me onto my side in a last ditch effort to bring the baby on down and it worked like a charm.  He was only 10 1/2 lbs!  Yeah, no wonder!
  • Mimi:  Nah!  You kidding?  After a 10 1/2 lb kid this delivery was a piece of cake.  3 pushes & she was out!

Who delivered?

  • Bubba: A student doctor which I actually liked.
  • Lala:  My OB that was astonished at how large my baby was because he wouldn’t induce me.  Grrr…
  • Mimi: My nurse almost did but the doctor made it just in time. 

Play along if you want! 

Leave me some comments telling me where to find your meme or if you don’t have a blog then share your story in the comment section.  I’d love to hear how your Labor Day went!

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  1. Honey said...

    How long?
    Nathan-3 hrs. (I barely got there in time. They did not even triage me, they took me straight to a room, checked me, and said, 9 centimenters!!!)
    (twin girls)Abigail & Victoria-5 hrs.
    (twin Boys)Ian & MacKinley-5 hrs.

    How did you know?
    N-water broke
    A&V-water broke after an all-night-throwing-up- fest (think I caught a stomach bug)-but I was going to be induced the next day because one twin wasn't growing well-so I beat them to the punch!
    I&M-woke with a pain like one of them was ramming his head through my side, then I started shivering

    N-St. Mary's
    A&V-in Maryland
    I&M-St. Mary's

    N-Nubane only (big mistake-didn't help pain, but made me feel like a zombie when time to push)
    A&V-no, but did have pitocin-boy what fun:(

    No C-Sections

    Who delivered?
    N-a stranger from the practice
    A&V- "
    I&M-Dr. Brabson
    What's funny about this is both times with the twins I was going to Lisa Ross (birth center) and was "kicked out" due to the twins:( I really wanted to deliver there...instead with twins you get rushed down the hall at the worst part of labor because the hosp. policy is to deliver you in the O.R.-natural childbirth is not so fun in the operating room! Especially with a ROOM FULL of people, bright lights, and transferring from your nice comfy bed to a "metal slab" about 3 inches too short on each side while you have a contraction!!!

    We also have funny dates at our house:
    Wedding-April Fool's Day
    N-Friday 13th (but it was Good Friday so we go with that!)
    A&V-Sept. 11th -one year anniversary
    I&M-day before Thanksgiving

    Very fun topic-I love reading birth stories!

  2. Penny Penguin said...

    I did this a few days ago - FUN! Reading your post reminded me of the student docs at my hospital! One had to do the fern test to see if my water had indeed broken (DUH - I was wearing a bath towel as a maxi pad). Well, the nurse was explaining to me what he was going to do. He looked at her the whole time like, "Thank you for reminding me how to do this basic procedure" (honestly, not sarcastically). He had a hard time with it (ouch!) and the nurse had to all but take over!


  3. Jennifer said...

    Honey ~ I think you're my hero after hearing your labor story! I didn't know you had 2 sets of twins!! You're a super fertile Mommie aren't ya!

    Penny ~ Sorry about the complications. I agree. I liked having my baby in my room the whole time instead of being whisked off. ;)

  4. Wendy said...

    I had to do this - just not on my blog where someone who knows my just-turned-15-year-old son might see it. He would be soooo embarrassed..LOL

    How long? Started with back pains every 10 - 12 minutes on Monday about 8 p.m. Delivered at 9:56 am Wednesday morning (my due date - should have been a clue that when he was in kindergarten he would be standing at the door 20 minutes before time to leave worrying that "We're gonna be late, Mama.")

    How did I know? Went for my weekly appointment Tuesday at 10 am & was told by my DR that I was NOT in labor, back pains were just pains, I would have abdominal pains when I was actually in labor, would not have this child before the weekend, & would probably be back for my appointment next Tuesday at which point he would induce.) Left his office bawling! My mother's BFF, who has 7 kids, told me not to listen to my DR who (being a man) had never been in labor & didn't know what he was talking about; that I was in labor & would be having a baby soon. Thank goodness for her!

    Where did you deliver? Hospital, went there about 3 am Wednesday, waited until my contractions were every 3 - 5 minutes for several hours because I was afraid of being told I wasn't in labor & getting sent home. At that point was still only dilated 3 1/2 cm so it was good that I waited since they only kept you if you were 3 cm.

    Drugs? Not until after shift changed at 6 or 7 am; they didn't do my admission paperwork until then so I couldn't have drugs. One injection of Stadol in my IV, loving the pain killer, stopped my contractions and had to have injection of something (kinda fuzzy here) to restart labor piggybacked with more Stadol, told my hubby Stadol wasn't working because I was hurting as bad as before, to which he replied, while looking at my monitor "If you're ONLY hurting as bad as before then it's working because these are a lot worse." Then they finally broke my water since it hadn't on its own & I was only at 4 1/2 cm & less than 1 hour later I told hubby I was ready to push, he called the nurse & told her, she said "NO it's not time" & came running in to stop me, then she checked me & told me I could push as soon as the DR got there. Ha! I knew I needed to push!

    Who delivered? My DR, less than 24 hours after telling me I wouldn't have this baby anytime soon! But they didn't think he was going to make it & that one of his partners would be delivering so they had the record of birth filled out with the other DR's name, didn't realize until the footprints were already on it that they needed to do another one, so I have the very first set of footprints - Love that!

    Thanks for doing this - I've followed the links starting at Three Ladies & a Dad and read so many "Labor Day" stories this morning. I love them!

  5. Honey said...

    Wendy, your second and third paragraphs had me giggling!

    Jennifer, yes, we've had no trouble with that. Did I mention, I had all 5 kids in 2.5 years? Good to get it over with-heehee.

  6. thediaperdiaries said...

    Wow, 2 weeks overdue. I would want to die!! A lot of similarities to my stories though. Great meme!!

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