Walmart introduces Pantry Stimulus Package w/coupons!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I thought this post was quite funny when I read it.  Why did I think it was funny?  Because one of the hardest stores to use internet printable coupons is introducing a Pantry Stimulus Package with none other than printable coupon savings.  Now, I dare a cashier to balk at me when I try to redeem one of these printable coupons that I will be printing directly from their website!image

Here’s what is available on WALMART’s website.

Thanks for the savings alert Lissa!


  1. Rebecca said...

    I tried to download the coupons but was told that there were no printables for this campaign.

  2. Jennifer said...

    Rebecca, I'm currently out of ink so I haven't been able to print any yet myself until I pickup a refill.

    Anyone else having problems printing or I wonder if it's based on regional areas?

  3. Anonymous said...

    I got these coupons about 2 weeks ago. They made the eggs about $0.75 for a dozen.

  4. Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

    GRRRRR it says no printables left for the campaign for me too (GA)! Have they been available for longer then we realized?

  5. Jennifer said...

    Anon~ That's so cool, I just found out about this promotion.

    Rebecca ~ on second thought it just dawned on me that you stated it says no prints available. When I clicked on the link the other day I could actually see a bricks coupon & a print button and I'm seeing the same thing as you now.

    So, to me, I am going to assume all the coupons have reacht their limit & we'll have to wait on them to reset. (if they reset since this is new)

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